Welcome and thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit me. I want to encourage and inspire quilters – yes, you can quilt. It is not rocket science. It’s a great world filled with color, texture, fun and sassy people, encouragement, and sharing.

When Life Hands you Scraps, Make Quilts!
No excuse needed – make quilts.

If you are looking for a place that will encourage you to “just do it” with your quilting ideas, you are in the right spot. I hate to use the term “show off” my quilts, but I want you to see that it is very enjoyable to just do the quilts your heart directs you to do.

It is all well and good to follow the directions for quilts others have made, but rules are meant to be broken in the quilt world. We need to have fun, and just enjoy the journey of making quilts. It is fine to start with someone else’s quilt idea and then veer off to make it your own. After all, you are a unique creation and it is just fine to make unique quilts that you are happy with.

Clip art - make today amazing

I have two rules for quilting (well ok, three):

  • Always buy the best supplies and fabric you can afford.
  • If using a sewing machine, get comfortable with it.
  • Take time to sew straight seams that are consistent in size all the way through the quilt
Sewing Machine with fabric and scissors

If you have read this far, either you already know how much fun quilting can be, or you are thinking that you want to try it to see if you become a passionate quilter ( a nice way to say you are addicted to quilting).

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My niche has been for many years to simply encourage and inspire other quilters. I love to quilt, and it shows in the quilts I make, and how I talk to others about quilting. My quilts may not be the most beautiful in the world, I have never taken time to write quilting articles or books, and I rarely enter my quilts in shows or competitions – I quilt for the sheer enjoyment of quilting.

Quilty Pleasures

Please visit often. The quilting world has lots of room for every skill and interest level of quilters. Bring out those unfinished quilt projects, start a new quilt, or just keep working on the one you are doing now. Let’s have fun together. Quilting is a great place to be. And quilters are so much fun to be around. It’s a great world filled with color, texture, fun and sassy people, encouragement, and sharing.

Clip art - girl sewing a red quilt

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