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Sometimes things need to be said. You have all been there. At the moment, I am really thinking about certain types of people that quilters need to avoid.

And yes, I am mainly telling myself this, but what the heck! You may want a reminder too.


The simplest way to explain it is to say they either are not good for your mental health, or they waste your time. As quilters, we need good mental health and lots of time to make quilts, right?

Who are the people that quilters need to avoid?

  • Negative Nellies
  • Time Wasting Tillies
  • Depressing Dillies

Negative Nellies

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Negative Nellies are those people who no matter what always have something to say about your current quilt project or idea that is negative.

They always know which colors go together better. Their seams always match. They have a better pattern for you to use. Negative Nellies always could have made that quilt faster. Blah, blah, blah…

They destroy your self-confidence and get you questioning your own decisions for the quilt that you are currently working on. You might even cry or get angry (or both) because of their negative comments.

Worse, that wonderful quilt may never get finished because you put it away and do not work on it again.

Time Wasting Tillies

Take control of your time
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Time Wasting Tillies do exactly that. They come up with all kinds of small and large ways to waste your precious quilting time.

It may be as simple as not being ready to go for an agreed on time to meet for fabric shopping. Or it may involve wanting to spend a lot of time on social media quilt sites instead of actually doing anything quilting. And expecting you to sit there while he/she scrolls around these sites.

Or call you and then become offended because your phone is on speaker while you do things while listening to her talk.

My personal favorite (no, not really) are the ones who are offended because I can visit and hand applique at the same time. Or visit and hand quilt at the same time.

In my opinion, Time Wasting Tillies are very easily offended by other quilters who have better time management skills than they do. My time is precious to me, and I am not wasting it by just sitting. Or by having no self control on the internet or phone.

Depressing Dillies

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This type of quilter is all about how bad his/her quilting skills, quilting experience, or quilting feedback is. No matter what, they are sad and depressed about something – quilting or not.

They make no effort to improve their outlook, mental health, or attitude. All they want is someone to sit with them, listen, and agree that their (fill in the blank) is awful.

After two minutes of this you and I are sad. Five minutes later we are depressed. Thirty minutes later we are seriously considering suicide for ourselves, or murder for them. Either way, it would not be as depressing.

Here is my solution:

Rope pulling apart
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Negative Nellies, Time Wasting Tillies, and Depressing Dillies will not improve your life. They will not improve your quilting skills.

Believe me, it is hard and even heart-breaking, but these types of people can be eliminated from your life. Yes, this is my opinion and there is certainly nothing that says you need to follow my unsolicited advice.

Unfriend them from your social media, block their phone numbers, and just don’t get sucked into conversations with them. Tell them kindly and firmly why you are doing this before doing it.

Yes, they may be family members or even friends. However, if these folks are upsetting you, or making you angry, or depressing you something needs to be done.

What if you are one of these people??

Don’t be surprised when other quilters avoid you.

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All of us have said or done very thoughtless things that we had to apologize for later. However, when these three types of people are always like this it is not thoughtless or accidental.

Many years ago, I had to break off a relationship with another quilter. I considered her my best friend for years, and was very hurt when I finally woke up and had to stop our friendship. The longer we were “friends” the more negative she became.

She criticized every quilt project I did. Then there was the criticism about the amount of time I spent on projects. And along with this, she was always depressed about something in her life. The point came I could no longer ignore the profound and constant negative impact she had on my life as a whole.

My own attitude became very negative. I got depressed and I was not the mom, wife, or co-worker I should have been. That is a time in my life I am not proud of.

My Point:

Love life, your quilts, your family, and yourself (put in the order that suits you). Have self respect. And give respect to those in your life who have earned it.

Do not allow yourself and your quilting creativity to be sucked out of you by people that quilters need to avoid. Be the encourager to other quilters and people around you.

people that quilters need to avoid
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My Blueberry Days quilt photographed at Colonial Pemaquid, Maine

In August 2020 I gathered together all kinds of blue and white scraps. I wanted to make a blue and white “snowball” quilt. I just put the last stitch into the binding. My blueberry days quilt is complete!

Prepping The pieces

I used this pattern for size and cutting instructions. I put my top together in rows instead of blocks of four snowballs.

According to my notes, I cut 224 (6.5″) blue blocks, and 896 (2.5″) white squares for a total of 224 snowballs.

I sorted and cut all the needed supplies here in Aug. and early Sept. of 2020 to take to Maine with me. All the fabric was scraps from my overflowing scrap bins.

Blue and white fabrics from the scrap bin
Blue and white fabrics from the scrap bin

Marking the diagonal line on the white squares was easy. Use a sharp pencil and small ruler. For the ruler I used a 4″ square for rotary cutting. I marked these while watching old movies over several evenings.

Sewing in Maine

We set up sewing at CL’s house in 2020. My first project was to sew the corners on all the 224 blue squares. After that, I trimmed the white portion and ironed the blocks. I love not dealing with the bias on triangles and have gone to using this method when possible.


Once the ironing was done, it was time to sew the snowballs together. There are 16 rows of 14 snowballs.

Top is complete except for outer border
Top is complete except for outer border

The white inner border was cut 2″ wide. The outer border was cut 6″ wide. The outer border is a blueberry fabric I purchased on a previous trip to Maine.

I had to add the outer border once back home in Indiana since I did not pack it for the trip.

My Blueberry Day quilt  with borders
My Blueberry Day quilt with borders

The finished size is: 94″ x 112″.

My Blueberry Days quilt was machine quilted in January 2021 by RLM. The design is stippling.

I finally finished the blue binding last week. It was not on the list you saw of projects I wanted to finish before the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt starts next month. However, I only had about three foot of it left to hand sew down. And it was on the top of the UFO pile.

Another project done!


My Thoughts:

Find a UFO and complete it. For an uplifting feeling of “yippee”, pick something that is almost complete and finish it. We all need the good feeling that comes from a completed job well done.

If you are looking for an easy project that could be made into a table runner, or any size quilt then this is the pattern for you. It looks great planned or scrap.

Wishing my readers a great week.

Happy quilting.

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Can I confess? The last few weeks, I am very much feeling overwhelmed by quilting UFOs.

I left my sewing room in a total disarray when I left for vacation. You know, all that digging around looking for projects to work on, and the perfect fabrics to complete the projects.

But I can’t blame it all on vacation prep. I have been given or purchased a lot of fabric this year. The fabric has been piling up in boxes instead of being put neatly on shelves. Plus months of not really being able to cut due to an injured shoulder and then wrist.

Truly, the thought of anyone seeing this mess is super embarrassing. And yes, you guessed it – a fellow quilter was over this past week to trade some of her great scraps for mine. I wanted to cry over the whole mess. She took it in stride – hey, I have seen her sewing room look this bad too.

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So, I took several hours yesterday to put away fabric and supplies. Then I tackled the 2 piles of quilting UFOs. Before neatening those, I grabbed paper and pencil to start a list of what I want to do in this area in the next 4 – 6 months.

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Here is a partial list:

  • Really clean and straighten the room
  • Finish the Nine Patch top I started on vacation
  • Put unwanted and/or unneeded books and supplies on ebay or etsy
  • Bind the 2020 Grassy Creek mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter
  • Finish the scrap Flying Geese quilt I started on vacation
  • Complete the scrap Snowball quilt that is in pieces in a plastic bin (um…maybe 5 years now)
  • The Christmas placemats set (started 2 years ago) needs done
  • Complete the hand quilting on the medallion quilt that is in the frame (there is 6″ on one side left)
  • Continue organizing the quilt photos into files on the computer
  • Get back to working on the quilt scrapbook (I am three years behind)

The mess is very distracting and slowing down my speed and productivity in getting quilt and related items done. I am feeling very overwhelmed!!

Then I looked at the calendar. In about five weeks, Bonnie Hunter will have the 2021 mystery quilt directions available every week. According to the last few sentences of this post, the yardage and colors will be out at Halloween. Ugh….this mess has to be better before I take on that project.

Set a goal of 3 finished projects:

Being overwhelmed by quilting UFOs means I need to choose three projects that I can reasonably get done by Black Friday when the mystery quilt directions come out. Drum roll please… are the projects I chose to have done by then.

  • Deep clean and straighten the sewing room
  • Continue organizing the quilt photos into files on the computer
  • Complete the Nine Patch top that I started on vacation
  • And a bonus project is to finish the Christmas placemats (they are small and will be useful at Christmas)

Readers, take small steps to become less overwhelmed

For me, making a list helps eliminate feeling overwhelmed. It might be a simple way to help you as well.

So go through a cupboard, closet, or pile of supplies and UFOs. Make a list and be realistic and honest with yourself. Set a goal to complete the list, or an item or two on the list.

Get it done.
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Breathe. The world will not end if each item on the list is not completed. But it is a joyful pat on the back when each project is complete. Mark it off the list. Give yourself a prize for working hard.

Give yourself a prize
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All of us have schedules, jobs, responsibilities, etc. and hobbies tend to get left far behind on the daily “to do” list. However, it is good for us mentally and physically to have a hobby we enjoy. We live in a crazy world, and need to do something fun.

Turn off the depressing and/or stressful news while cleaning and sewing. Instead, put in an audio book, or listen to music or a favorite movie. Keep it fun and lighthearted.

And yes, I am already feeling less overwhelmed by quilting UFOs in my life.

Make today amazing.
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My last post was about the quilting projects I worked on during vacation in Maine. However, I also visited several used books stores. I found some wonderful used quilting books. In my mind, Maine & used quilting books go together.

Maybe because of the long snowy winters in Maine, there are many wonderful used books stores to visit. This year I concentrated on finding some used books on quilting.

My personal favorites are: Stone Soup Books in Camden, Rockland Library Book Stop, and Two Brothers Books in Freeport. There are many more in the area and you would probably find others that you like.

Two Brothers Books
Right side of photo is all the “crafty” books at Two Brothers Books
Two Brothers Book Store – children books on the left side

Quilting Book Treasures I Found:

Seven books cost me $30. An exciting treasure trove that will be enjoyed again and again.

"Classic Quilt Blocks"
"Big Book of Quilt Blocks"
Interesting articles about quilts and quilting in British Isles
"New England Quilt Museum Quilts"
"Quilting" by Dorothy Osler

I encourage you:

New books are expensive. I like books, and read many genres. A personal library is fun. If you are wanting to expand your quilting library then check out the used book stores in your area.

If you are headed to or live in Maine, check out the stores I listed above. Who knows what treasures you will find. Most of all, enjoy the search.

Make today amazing.
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