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I have been cleaning out and ran across this paper written by my hubby. He intended it for a blog post from his perspective. It is rough and probably not finished, but I am going to share it here. I think what he was attempting to say will ring true for many quilters. And so… A Quilter’s Hubby Speaks.

He Speaks:

Let me introduce myself.  I am the other half of my better half. This is my first post… EVER, and more than likely my last. 

This will not be one of Indianaquilter40’s normal blog posts.

Yes, I can quilt, both hand and machine. I don’t do much hand quilting as the comments I have heard have been less than flattering:

“… never seen that before, I didn’t know you could quilt with a knitting needle …” OR

“… he’s so sweet, basting the quilt so his lady can quilt easier …” OR

“…um, does she know he is messing up her quilt?” OR (my favorite)

“…who in the world taught him to quilt?”

Those of you who hand quilt and understand go ahead and laugh. Those of you who don’t please ask a quilter so you can laugh too. I don’t hand quilt much. I do a lot of machine quilting – the motor – it’s a guy thing.

Quilting is a dying art, like most hand work.  While my wife has not expanded on it in her posts, I will.  Quilting is a huge part of our life. I live in a home surrounded by quilts, quilting paraphernalia, and fabric. She was a quilter before I entered her life as anything more than another male in the school hallways. As she says: Quilting for fun, happiness, and encouragement.

She should also add teaching and keeping it alive.

She has gone to many public venues to demonstrate and teach. I have sat and watched her patiently show a 5-year-old how to hold a needle and make even stitches. She will talk to other quilters about patterns and different styles of quilting or talk to a group about the history of quilting. I have seen her explain to someone how a quilting frame works and how to build one.

Demonstrating hand quilting
Demonstrating hand quilting somewhere in time (or Indiana).

Her passion for quilting is truly amazing. She has spoken locally for colleges and historical re-enactors about the historical significance of quilts and quilting back to the very early Middle Ages.

This wonderful woman amazes me. She is a great wife, mom, and grandma. And still finds time to do quilt related things daily. I keep telling her to write a book about the history of quilting. With a shrug, she will say “I write a quilt blog. A book would take away from my quilting.”

She does not verbalize it, but this blog is just one more way she can share quilting with others.

So now my point:

As I said before, quilting is a dying art and skill.

It is and will always be – not just about taking fabric, some filler and putting it together with thread or yarn, and, HEY I got a new blanket.

It’s about family,

It’s about time,

It’s about friendship,

It’s about memories.

Even people who don’t quilt will pull out a quilt and say … “Mom and Grandma made this for us” … “This was ours when” … or … “see this piece, that is from her wedding dress”. So many memories from families who took the time to show friendship.  I have yet to meet a quilter who is not proud of what they have created, and they should be!

Quilt blocks
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Now my request:

Find a way to share.

My personal belief is that one of the reasons that quilting is dying is that the quilting community is just that – a “community”. We tend to be a family. Quilters talk to quilters about quilting (well duh). BUT –  Everybody has someone that they talk to who is not a quilter, and maybe needs some encouragement.

Maybe someone needs to sit and have fun, making something beautiful for some happiness. Easy? No not in the least. Inviting someone, even someone we know, into our hobbies, private space, our happy place will not be easy, and maybe not even comfortable. Will it be worth it?

I have been around quilts and quilters for lots of years now. They are a great group of people with so much to share. Quilters out there – unite to find new people to share your passion and quilting skill with. Pass it on to future generations.

The Quilter Speaks:

My hubby did not have any experience with quilts or quilting when we started dating and later married. But he was around it daily since then. He was a good sport and put up with the mess, travel, and other quilters.

His observation about quilters in general, and me specifically are correct. Quilts are so much more than fabric, batting, and thread. They are family, community, love, friendship, memories, and much more. In our chaotic world, it is so nice to have a place of peace and quiet in our lives. It is nice to see the finished product when so much of our jobs are repetitive nonsense with no end in sight.

Please share the joy of quilting with others. If each of us inspires, teaches, or mentors one more quilter we have passed on the skill for another generation.

This quilter’s hubby speaks for all quilters in some way. The point is to share and enjoy your own quilt journey. Happy Quilting and have a great day.

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