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I fully intended to do a totally different topic for this week’s post. However, I got distracted by a call to a quilting buddy and now I am looking at a mystery quilt idea. Am I ready for a mystery quilt?

Current mystery quilt thoughts:

My quilting buddy does mystery quilts on an annual basis. She was all excited about this new mystery quilt that Bonnie Hunter is doing for 2020. So of course I had to look at it as well.

I am not a big fan of mystery quilts. “Why?” you ask. Because I am very visual and I like to see what I am making. Guess that takes all the mystery out of it right? Yep, I am being a party pooper for sure.

I have done a few mystery quilts in the past. Like this one in 2009. Then there was this one in 2006.

After looking at the design and the colors I am going to give this one a try. I love autumn colors and this one is very much autumn colors: red-orange, orange, gold, green (bright?), gray, and neutrals.

Colorful fall leaves in mystery quilt suggested colors.
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I think there is enough in my fabric stash that I won’t have to actually purchase much, if any fabrics. I am trying very hard not to buy any extra fabrics this year, but to use what is already on my sewing room shelves and in the scrap bins.

Choosing fabrics:

I set the timer for 20 minutes and picked these fabrics from the stash. If I am not careful I will overthink any given task. Surprisingly, I did not even open the scrap bins!

Green fabrics for the mystery quilt.
Gray fabrics.
Orange fabrics for the mystery quilt.
Neutral fabrics.
Yellows fabrics for the quilt.
Red-orange fabrics.

I am happy with the fabric choices. Am I ready for a mystery quilt? I feel inspired by the colors and am sure willing to try the Grassy Creek mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter.

The directions say she will be taking down the free pattern and turning it into a PDF pattern to sell on Feb. 12. I will change the links below after she posts the pattern for sale.

Mystery quilts are way out of my comfort zone. However, trying and learning new things is how to expand my (and your) horizons.

Learn and have fun:

Quilters, as 2020 finally winds down and we look forward to a brand new year, let’s try something new. Maybe it will be a mystery quilt or a new technique. Maybe how to use a new gadget. It might even be a fabric that does not match anything in your stash. Expand your quilting horizons.

And most of all – have a fun time with your quilting obsession.

Part 1 Update on 12/9/20:

All my Part 1 pieces are sewn and ironed. For details, please see the mystery quilt directions here.

Part 1 of the mystery quilt is complete.
Part 1 complete

Part 2 Update on 2/13/2021:

I left this part for the last one to assemble, but it is finished today. I am excited to start putting the pieces together for the top.

Mystery Quilt - part 2
Part 2 complete

Part 3 Update on 12/24/2020:

All the pieces for Part 3 are sewn and ironed. For details, please see the mystery quilt directions here.

Mystery quilt part 3 complete.
Part 3 complete

Part 4 Update on 12/28/2020:

I completed the part 4 of the mystery quilt. See here for details on sizes and amount.

Mystery quilt part 4 is done.
Completed part 4 blocks

Part 5 update on 1/4/2021:

I am almost keeping up!! Here is part 5 complete. I am loving the fall colors. I have run out of gray fabric. Gray has never been a color I use much of, but this mystery quilt uses a lot of it.

Here are the directions for part 5.

Part 5 of mystery quilt.

Part 6 update 01/31/2021:

These strips took me way longer than normal – work has been crazy and it has really slowed down my quilting time.

Mystery Quilt part 6

Mystery quilt - part 6 - with corner triangles sewn on.

Here are the directions for part 6.


Quilters - make today amazing.



  1. I am new to reading quilt blogs, but found yours to be very encouraging and full of ideas. I also went to Bonnie Hunter’s blog and looked at the directions for this mystery quilt. I am challenging myself to make it. Thank you.

    1. I am so glad that you are enjoying this quilt blog. I found this mystery quilt to be fun to make and I love the fall colors. Have fun making it.

  2. I have never tried a mystery quilt. Thanks for the info. I checked out the blog of Bonnie Hunter and think I will try it too. Something different since it looks like we will be “confined like criminals” for a while longer.

    1. Bonnie Hunter has so many wonderful ideas and she makes her quilt patterns fun. Best of luck on your mystery quilt.

  3. I like mysteries…and have collected Bonnie K Hunter mystery patterns for several years now! Most times the directions are collected and not done! I have finished a couple and have one of Bonnie’s quilts from a class STILL not complete!!! I will at some point!

    1. Hi Sheila,

      I don’t do mystery quilts all that often – as you know. But I just really liked the colors and thought it would be a fun project. Got to step out of the the comfort box once in awhile. My goal is to actually keep up with the directions and finish the quilt top in a timely manner – time will tell if that happens.

      Happy Quilting.

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