I love my mom-in-law, she is such a cool lady. She does not quilt, but she loves my quilts. Over the years she has given me many, many yards of quilting fabrics for holidays, birthdays, and just because. Today the UPS man showed up with another box of fabric from her – just because.

UPS man with box
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The mom-in-law is a wonderful oil painter of scenery. We have entirely different tastes in color, patterns, and end products. That is one reason why I love the fabric she gets me – it is fabric I would never buy for myself. Of course the other reason is because I love her.

Is she helping me become a fabric hoarder?

This box had western style fabrics, St. Patrick’s Day fabrics, and brights. You know greens, pinks, and yellows. They ranged in size from a quarter yard to a 2 yard piece.

Western themed fabric

The box contained right at 25 yards of fabric. Naturally I had to “pet” all the fabric and make sure that it was not hurt in its’ travels from Montana to here. This leads to sorting and dreaming about more projects….

And more fabric...

She and I have a great relationship but we have never gone on a fabric shopping trip together! Yes, in 30+ years that has never happened. Why? I honestly don’t know, but it just hasn’t happened.

I have a scrap 4 patch started for her Christmas gift this year and I will be putting in some of the fun and bright fabrics she gets me through out the year.

Look at any of the quilts on this blog, and chances are very good some fabric from my mom-in-law is in it. And she usually gets some of the fabric back in a quilted item for herself.

Bright and cheerful

And you thought I bought all that fabric in my stash myself…

Source: no idea, another quilter shared it with me.


When you make up a wish list or “Christmas” type list for yourself, always say you would like 100% cotton fabric. I tell anyone who asks what I would like is more fabric for a birthday, holiday, or other occasion gift.

Be gracious and thankful for any fabric you do get. You can use it, trade it, or “re-gift” it to another quilter. Good quilting fabric is always useful in some form.

Happy quilting.

Make today amazing.


10 thoughts on “ANOTHER BOX OF FABRIC

  1. Getting a box like this in the mail would be like Christmas! You are so lucky to have a person in your life who thinks enough of you to do this. Love this blog – keep up the great work.

    1. You are right, it is like Christmas when I get a box of fabric like this. I have the greatest mom-in-law ever.

      So glad you are enjoying this blog. Happy quilting.

  2. You are one lucky lady to have such a great mother-in-law. Not only is she encouraging you, but I am willing to bet you too have a great relationship in other ways too.

    I have a grand-daughter who is a beginning quilter and you have encouraged me to help her out by becoming her “fabric fairy” and gifting her with some fabric to add to her collection. Thank you for sharing this happening in your life.

    1. I have a fantastic mom-in-law, and you are right that we do have a really good relationship in many ways.

      As for you being your grand-daughter’s “fabric fairy” – what a great idea (and I love the term too). Hopefully it will grow your relationship with each other.

      Thank you for commenting on your new “position” in your gr-daughter’s life. There are probably other readers who are wondering who in their life they can help out this way too.

      Happy quilting.

  3. I haven’t checked in here for some time because I have been CRAZY busy. Looks like you just keep having fun quilt adventures. What a great M-in-L to send you such pretty fabric 🙂

    1. I do have a great M-in-L. She is a wonderful addition to my life.

      Oh yes, the quilt adventures continue…happy quilting to you.

  4. You are one lucky lady to have such a great relationship with your M-In-L. Mine rarely says anything nice about my quilts, and she wouldn’t buy me a piece of fabric for any reason. I found her negative attitude about my quilts very depressing for the first years of my marriage and then I realized she doesn’t have much nice to say about anything.

    Enjoy the fabric and having such a great cheer leader for your quilting.

    1. My mom-in-law is a really neat lady, and I know she is really a special addition to my life. I plan on putting some of those fabrics into the next quilt I make for her. The appreciation she shows for my quilting skills and the quilts I make for her inspires me to make more for her.

      It’s unfortunate that your M-in-L is so negative – she misses out on so many wonderful things in life.

      Keep quilting – don’t let her negativity stop you from the enjoyment of quilting.

  5. You are really lucky to have such a cool mom-in-law. Mine would mean well but would not pick good quality quilting fabric. Enjoy the fabric and show off what you make from that wonderful box.

    1. I mom-in-law is a great lady for sure. I will keep showing off the quilts I make. Happy quilting.

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