Are We Ready for Winter Quilting?
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Winter will be here quicker than we probably want this year. But we can’t stop the seasons, and weather is God’s job. So, the big concern is – are we ready for winter quilting?

While many of us are still enjoying fall, especially here in central Indiana, we know that winter is early and not far off this year.

Indiana foliage
Indiana foliage

How are you getting ready for winter quilting?

Please don’t wait for the first winter storm to prep for winter quilting. For some suggestions on supplies please see a previous post here. Once the snow, wind, or ice start the roads may not be safe to get to the store.

Do an inventory now of the projects you want to work on during the winter months. Are you starting from scratch, or finishing some UFOs? Make sure you have the threads, fabrics, batting, etc. to get going on a project. Or to complete something.

What are my plans for this winter?

I have a stack of quilts that are done except for tags and bindings. This is saved this for the cold dark months because it is a nice project to do while watching old movies. I don’t know if this year was extra productive quilting, or if some of this pile are left over from last winter. Either way, there are plenty to complete.

Are We Ready for Winter Quilting?
My stack of quilts that need tags and binding

Personally, I look forward to that day or two that I am “stuck” at home due to weather. The wood stove keeps me toasty while I work on a quilt project. If I have power I will probably do machine piecing. If there is no power than I will work on tags or hand finishing a binding.

Are we ready for winter quilting?

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While you are checking around for projects to work on this winter, please do a quick check of other supplies. Simple stuff like canned soup, cold medicine, and good books or board games. You know – things that will make those cold and/or snowy days much more pleasant if you are “stuck” at home due to weather.

Readers, please plan now for what quilt projects you will do during these cold months. You don’t want to put off getting the needed supplies until it is too late. This includes making sure your sewing machine is serviced and working correctly.

Those cold and snowy days are great for hot chocolate, and quilting. Instead of complaining about the bad weather, let’s make them count.

What about a winter themed quilt?

So maybe you love winter. Or you live somewhere that winter really isn’t cold or snowy. Maybe you would prefer to make a winter quilt to show your love for those cold months. If nothing else, winter is a great reason to snuggle under a quilt.

I poked around a bit on the web and found a couple places to look for winter quilt ideas. And here too. We can always use more quilt ideas, right?

Wishing you all the very best as you prepare for winter quilting.

Snowy forest
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