Autumn scene
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Here in central Indiana autumn has arrived. Temps have been much cooler in the last two weeks. Farmers are busy harvesting corn and soybeans. Leaves are turning from green into glorious autumn colors. Our first frost of the season is predicted for this week. And the wood stove has been going in the evenings. A great time for settling in and doing autumn quilting in rural Indiana.

Autumn in rural Indiana
The view from my office last week

I have spent the last few evenings reading other quilt blogs, enjoying their projects, and looking at my own stash. I know there is new fall themed fabric at the stores, but I am hoping to work from what I already have here.

Autumn Quilting in Rural Indiana:

It is dark here by 8 p.m. and I am using the two hours until bedtime to bind quilts and add tags. The pile appears to have the last year of projects done except for those two things. No one should be surprised as I have written before that I wait on these activities until this time of year.

I don’t take much time to watch TV, but this is the perfect excuse to put in old movies. Watching old movies and finishing quilts – oh the joy in simple pleasures.

Scrappy Tumbler quilt

Quilting Blogs:

This is also the time of year I generally take time to read quilt blogs. It is fun to find new and unfamiliar ones. And then there are the “old friends” of quilt blogs that I read regularly.

This is also the time of year I poke around looking for museums that have quilt displays. Who knows where that will take me?

Autumn Quilts:

Autumn is my favorite season and I have made many quilts over the years to celebrate it. Why fall you ask? The colors are glorious. The orange, greens, yellows, reds, and purples against the brilliant blue sky are beyond compare.

Here are a couple of my autumn quilts that are posted on the old blog. Check them out: Aroostook County Autumn and Autumn Color.

For your own autumn quilts:

Inspiration is all around us for quilt ideas. Whether pieced, applique, or mixed technique look around for ideas. Go thru your stash or go shopping. Find those glorious autumn colors to make a quilt of any size. Quilted pillows, table runners, wall hangings, and bed size quilts are great for bringing the beautiful outside into your home.

Have fun and celebrate fall with your quilted projects.

As for me:

I was looking thru a pile of quilt magazines and found a super cute pattern. It is pieced Hole in the Barndoor blocks with an appliqued pumpkin border. The pattern is bed size. However, I can make just six blocks, add a smaller pumpkin applique border, and have a pretty new quilt to hang in the dining room. I love autumn quilting in rural Indiana.

Autumn quilting in rural Indiana
Source: Bing clip art


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