Do you need a fun, fast, and simple project or gift item? My granddaughter’s eighth birthday is next week. She loves helping in the kitchen. I decided to use some cute fabrics from my stash and make her a couple aprons. Thanks to YouTube, I was able to make the birthday aprons.

Cupcake fabric - birthday apron
Fun cupcake fabric

Those of you who know me personally know that I absolutely hate making any clothing item. Yes, I can make clothing, but that doesn’t mean I like to make clothing.

I watched several YouTube videos on making simple aprons to make. Each one I eliminated for various reasons. No measurements for any of the pieces, it had curves, or my personal most hated – turning the long ties inside out. Just yuk…

However, I did find one woman’s videos great and followed them. Simple. Easy. Fast. I made all three of the aprons in one afternoon. Here are the two parts to adult aprons. And here is the video for a child apron. Many thanks to “Homemaking on the Homestead” for the painless apron tutorials.

Other apron fabric
Classy cooking fabric

There was enough fabric to make a set of matching aprons for granddaughter and daughter. Plus, a second one for the granddaughter.

Why birthday aprons?

I want to encourage the grand daughter to enjoy helping in the kitchen and thought her own pretty apron might make it more fun. She has outgrown all the previous ones that were purchased or gifts.

Grand-daughter birthday apron
First apron for gr-daughter

I was really surprised how easy the directions were for these aprons. If you are looking for a quick and easy project to make with some of your pretty fabrics, this might just be the project for you.

Birthday apron
Another birthday apron for the gr-daughter.

What more can a busy person ask than for a pretty finished item that was low stress, quick, and pretty?

The two photos below are the matching apron for my daughter. There is nothing complicated about these aprons. Even the ties were easy.

Daughter's matching apron
Daughter’s matching apron
Side view of apron
Side view of daughter’s apron

Hopefully this apron gives you ideas of other things you can make with the fabric in your stash. Here is easy placemats to make – they could match the aprons. Have fun and enjoy.



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