BOOKS ABOUT AMISH QUILTS (or a world of stunning colors)

BOOKS ABOUT AMISH QUILTS (or a world of stunning colors)

Book titled "Quilts Among the Plain People"

I pick up good quality Books About Amish Quilts (or a world of stunning beauty) when I have the chance. Here are some from my personal collection.

BOOKS ABOUT AMISH QUILTS (or a world of stunning colors)

Even if there are no patterns – there are wonderful photos and ideas for the next quilt.

Book titled "Amish Wall Quilts"

I love the contrast of colors on traditional Amish quilts – especially those from Lancaster County, PA.

Book titled "Amish Quilting Patterns"

The immense amount of hand quilting that goes into them is simply amazing. I think these quilts were the start of my inspiration for doing, and loving the look and feel of hand quilting.

Book titled "Amish Patchwork - Full Size Patterns for 46 Authentic Designs"

In my head I start thinking about what fabrics in my own stash. Would any lend themselves to making a quilt in the bright and bold patterns of the Amish community?

BOOKS ABOUT AMISH QUILTS (or a world of stunning colors)

When I can get to Amish communities, I go to local stores. The quilts are always inspiring.

Book titled "The World of Amish Quilts"

The Amish store two hours south of me has wonderful fabrics, both solid and prints. The prices are good and the selection is wonderful.

Book Titled "Amish Crib Quilts from the Midwest"

If you get a chance to see Amish quilts (especially antique ones) and/or visit an Amish dry goods shop do so. Slow down and relax. Enjoy the chance to do something different and see another kind of quilt.

If you are interested in Amish quilts please take time to find and look at any of the BOOKS ABOUT AMISH QUILTS (or a world of stunning colors) listed here.


14 thoughts on “BOOKS ABOUT AMISH QUILTS (or a world of stunning colors)

    1. I love the colors of most Amish quilts. I am hoping to do some doll quilts in Amish colors and designs.

  1. This is a topic which is close to my heart…I love Amish quilts. The bold colors and simple designs are the best.

  2. I find myself reading posts on this quilt blog in the morning as I drink my coffee. Once my day gets going there is no time for something so relaxing and fun. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  3. This blog is fun and informative. Where were you when I was starting to quilt?? I think you would have made my quilt experience tons easier. Thanks so much for sharing tips, books, techniques, directions, etc. I love your quilt world.

    1. Thanks for visiting this quilt blog. I am glad that I am making your quilt world a better place now with this blog. Happy quilting.

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