Boost Your Health - Quilt
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Many years ago, I realized that I feel better when I quilt – emotionally, mentally, and physically. And it is way cheaper than seeing a therapist. Other quilters have told me the same, which is reassuring as it means I am not alone. I thought a post about the subject of how quilting (or hobbies in general) can boost your health would be an encouragement.

Hobbies are good for us

According to an article The Enduring Joy of Making Things on Epoch Times, “…producing useful or beautiful things – especially by hand…provides a sense of accomplishment and purpose.”

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Obviously, quilting is not the only hobby that is produced by hand. There are many things, such as: pottery, painting, woodworking, weaving, candle making, sewing, needlework, etc. Take a few minutes to look at the types of items on Etsy and be amazed at all the various items that can be made by hand.

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The Utah State University has a nice article “How Hobbies Improve Mental Health“. Some of the benefits include reduced stress, improved social connections, and a decrease in depression and anxiety. That should make for a happy and healthy mind/brain.

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And finally, according to Life Health, hobbies make us happier and healthier. This article says that crafting eases stress and anxiety, decreases inflammation and chronic pain, increases happiness, and protects the brain.

What about quilting specifically? Are we healthier because we quilt?

Boost Your Health – Quilt

SemiMD has a great article about quilting and health. This article lists 9 reasons to quilt, including a sense of achievement, less stress, hand-eye coordination, flexibility, happiness, and a sense of belonging.

Think about a sense of achievement and belonging – that nice warm fuzzy feeling we get when we show off our quilts or talk quilts with others. Or that really great feeling we get when we make a quilt for someone else.

We live in a crazy world.

Crazy world causes stress
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Many of us work stressful jobs and/or have a full schedule that includes family, community, food prep and shopping, budgeting, etc. Dealing with all that is so much easier when we make time for a quilted item. The item does not have to be big or complicated to make us happy and less stressed.

On top of our normal busy and stressful lives, we are currently dealing with rising costs for everything. According to the news, people should also be expecting employees in certain jobs (retail, food, and manufacturing) to be laid off in the next few months. Well, that certainly sends the stress “meter” higher.

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How can we combat this stress and depression? Find a new hobby or return to an old one. The important thing is that we all do something besides gripe about the problems. Less screen time and more actual doing something is super helpful in so many ways.

I refer you back to this post about why we quilt. One of the main reasons is that it helps “de-stress” me. I know many quilters who say that it is a huge help with stress. Another reason is simply to beautify our homes. Folks, we need less stress and depression in our lives and world.

Truthfully, we do not need a reason to have any hobby. All of us need enjoyment in our lives. I quilt because I love the process of quilting – there, I admitted it. Do you notice there is no AA for quilters? I think quilters are on the right path to having a wonderful hobby that is beneficial to the quilter and those around him/her.

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Be happy quilters. Enjoy the texture of quilts. Smell the fabric. Wallow with joy in the entire quilt process. It is impossible to have too many quilts.

Boost your health - quilt
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