Spring has finally sprung – Wisteria in my flower garden 5/2022

Finally, some time to be catching up on projects. My sewing time has been so limited the last several months.

However, over the past month, I have been able to carve out a few more minutes of sewing each day. I thought my readers would like to see what I have been doing.

Maybe it will inspire you to fit in a few more minutes of quilting time each day or week.

Spring has sprung.
Dutch Iris (AKA Bog Lilies) in my garden 05/2022

More Time:

How do I get more time in my crazy busy schedule you ask? It starts with my favorite quilting gadget.

Making a list is a great way to organize tasks and chores to get them done in a few less minutes. It helps so much to do the list instead of trying to remember what you were going to do.

I have been getting up 15 – 30 minutes earlier. This is another way to get a few more minutes in each morning before the chaos (job?) starts.

Garden scene.
Allium, poppies, and mint. And a poison ivy plant waiting to get me. Can you see it hiding among the flowers and leaves?

Bonnie Hunter 2022 Mystery Quilt

I am embarrassed to admit how slow this quilt project has gone this year. I like the pattern and colors, but time is just very short to work on this.

Working on Part 6 currently

However, since the last time I posted about this mystery quilt, I have gotten two more parts done. At this rate, it will be fall before it is completed. But the point is that I am working on it.

Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt Part 5
Part 5 is complete

George Washington Strip Quilt –

George Washington block
George Washington

This project is a simple strip quilt top to use as a hand quilting demo project. I will still end up doing most of the hand quilting, but other people will put in some stitches too.

The fun thing about strip quilts is that they go together fast. Ironing, cutting, and sewing took me an afternoon.

You see, I demo hand quilting at historical events over the summer and having people actually try to quilt starts some people on the quilting addiction. It is a fun way to talk historical quilts. And it allows people to participate.

The completed George Washington Strip Quilt top

I am asked many times if I take out the “poor” stitches. The answer is not unless I can catch my finger in them. Those “poor” stitches are part of the quilt’s story.

Anyway, I purchased the George Washington strips at Paducah several years ago.

The strips are 6″ wide. Old George is bordered by 1.5″ wide navy-blue strips. Then a light gray 4″ strip which I have already pencil marked with the Baptist Fan pattern to quilt on.

A closer view

The border is 8″ wide William Morris print. I know, old George and William Morris are not even in the same century. Just using what I have on hand.

The finished top size is 44″ x 47″.

Yes, I used a stencil and pencil to draw the Baptist Fan pattern onto the quilt.

Cabin Quilt –

Super easy – Cabin Quilt

Another super easy quilt top that went together over a couple of evenings after work. This will end up being a cozy warm quilt that is meant to be used. I won’t even take the time to quilt it – it will be tied with red yarn.

I used a brown cotton solid and blue homespun for the 10″ blocks.

The border is a red homespun. It is 4″ wide on two sides, and 8″ wide on the other two sides.

Red homespun fabric
Red homespun for border

Keep going:

Quilting is good for my mental state. It also does wonders for giving my mind something good to concentrate on in all the bad news and chaos in our current time.

In my opinion, quilting accomplishes so much more than wasting time and mental energy on the news or social media.

Readers – stay busy, mentally happy, and healthy. Times are tough, but quilters are strong. We will get through both personal and world problems.

Use your time this summer for catching up on projects.

Have a great week, and happy quilting.

Lots of blackberries on the way for eating and freezing.


  1. Thanks for taking time to write this. I am always amazed how much you accomplish on your quilting projects. You inspire me.

    1. I just try to do something “quiltie” every day. It keeps my hands busy and brings peace to my world. I have found over the years that stress, anger, fear, and depression can be helped by some time doing something constructive with my hands. What can I say except quilting makes me happy.

  2. I was happy to find this internet site. I needed to thank for your time for this glorious learn!! I am definitely having fun with each little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

  3. Thank you for sharing. Both the quilts and the flower garden are wonderful. So glad I discovered your blog a few weeks ago – just what I need to get me back into quilting after several years of being stopped. Keep up the great work on this blog.

    1. Quilting is so enjoyable, plus it keeps me sane. It has been my stress relief for many, many years. Plus, it beautifies my home. A win, win situation. Thank you for spending time on this blog.

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