Hand quilted "Baptist" fans

My goal for Colonial Times 1 was to make a simple patchwork and applique quilt. I wanted to heavily quilt it. And I wanted the quilting to be the real showcase for this quilt. From the comments I get when showing this quilt, the goal was successful.

I pieced and quilted this lovely quilt in 2015-16. The piecing was done by machine. And the small section of hexagons was English paper pieced and hand appliqued. I love how blue and yellow look together.

Demonstration quilt

I demonstrate hand quilting at historical events as time allows. These events require that I have a quilt that looks historical. I also discuss the history of quilting and allow others to try their hand at quilting. Some people enjoy the process and quilt for a while. Others say “nope” after a few stitches.

Colonial Times 1

The above photo shows the “Baptist” fans on the outside edge of the quilt. The quilting design in the center reminded me of butterflies and it filled up the space. The quilt is in my Hinterberg quilt frame at a local historical event.

I used plastic stencils for the “butterfly” and “Baptist” fan designs. A regular pencil was what I marked with. Do not get all crazy heavy handed with the pencil. You want the marking to be just dark enough to see. If you are using dark fabric, there is a special light pencil that can be purchased at quilting or hobby stores.

I found this tutorial interesting, but I enjoyed just using a plastic stencil.

Another view of the "Baptist" fans
Another view of the “Baptist” fans

The other hand quilting was simple Xs in the 4″ squares. Hexagons are quilted around the outside and about a quarter inch inside each one.

Colonial Time 1
The “butterfly” quilt design

Confession time – I really did enjoy the entire process of Colonial Times 1. BUT there were other projects to do, and I wanted done with this one. I chose to have the outside border machine quilted in a stipple design just to get it done. The binding is the same fabric as the outside border.

Colonial Times 1

The finished size is 60″ x 66″. Fabrics are 100% cottons – some are actual French fabrics I got at the national quilt show in Paducah, KY. And of course, the batting is wool. It is beautiful and I love the texture.

Colonial Times 1
on quilt blog

For backing fabric, I used toile fabric. And of course, I came up a bit short, so I added another piece of a different toile. I collect this fabric and do not want to cut it up, so I use it for backing.

Backing of toile fabric

Why “1”? I enjoyed the entire process so much that I intend to make another couple of these in different colors and hand quilting designs.

I seriously wonder if I will live long enough to make all the quilts I want to make.

When making a quilt, if there is some part that you want to show case then plan the colors or design so that area is really show cased. Generally, planning for this will not add much time to the planning and organization of the quilt. And the final product will be make you much happier.


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