Enjoy These Quilt Museums

Enjoy These Quilt Museums

Enjoy These Quilt Museums
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In today’s world, it is entirely possible to visit quilt museums around the globe from the comfort of your own home. Or maybe a road trip would be more fun. Either way, I am suggesting that you enjoy these textile museums.

Enjoy These Quilt Museums

International Quilt Museum – Lincoln, NE has a wide variety of programs and quilt displays to see and enjoy. I love historical quilts, and they have many that are prior to 1820.

The National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY is another fun place to explore. The main hanging display appears to change every two years. However, there are constant smaller shows that change every couple of months.

The AQS quilt show in Paducah occurs in April and is located very close to this museum, so it is possible to see both the show and the museum on the same trip.

NEW ENGLAND QUILT MUSEUM (neqm.org) seems to have a nice array of quilts and changing exhibitions.

The DAR Museum in Washington, D.C. has a large collection of quilts and shares them via the quilt index. They cover about 250 years of quilt making.

And then there are barn quilts

For those who prefer an outside trip of scenery and “quilts” there is the Barn Quilt Trail of Gibson County, IN. A great road trip that allows you to enjoy a variety of barn quilts, but rural farming scenery as well.

Barn quilt trail of Gibson Co, IN

Maybe you don’t live in or close to Indiana – there are other barn quilt trails around the USA. Pick one or more and have a great time exploring. Scenery, fresh air, sunshine, and quilts – sounds like ingredients for a perfect road trip.

My mission to you –

So fellow quilters – the fun mission for this year is to explore some quilt museums. Whether in-person, or on-line expand your quilting horizons and have fun seeing other quilts. Enjoy these quilt museums listed here or do some research and visit the numerous ones around the USA or world.

Enjoy These Quilt Museums
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6 thoughts on “Enjoy These Quilt Museums

  1. Your post helped me a lot. I had no idea there are so many quilt museums. I love your quilt blog as there are so many different things you blog about that I would never think to do a Google search for until I see some of your posts. You are such an encouragement to me.

  2. I have two quilts that have been in our family for almost a century. They were made in Laurel, IN by my mother’s aunt. One is a Dresden plate pattern, tightly quilted, about 9 stitches/in. The other is a double wedding ring pattern with the same stitching – both probably made by the same person. They have been used yet remain in good condition but are not museum quality. My family does not want them and I cannot bring myself to throw them out. Is there a place in IN that might be interested in them? I have photos and a professional appraisal for both.

    1. Hello, I certainly understand you wanting your family quilts to go to a good home. I personally am not in a position to purchase any quilts right now. However, I would suggest checking with some of the quilt guilds in Indiana – especially any that might be in the Laurel, IN area. Most quilt guilds have at least one person who collects quilts and gives them a good home. Wishing you the best. I found this site and hope it will be helpful on your search: https://quiltguilds.com/indiana-quilt-guilds/ Wishing you the best.

  3. Great blog – please keep sharing your ideas. I was at the DAR museum years ago when they did a quilt show – they have a wonderful collection of quilts. Thank you for the reminder.

    1. I have grown to enjoy on-line quilt shows/collections over the past two years. There is something to be said about enjoying a quilt show from the comfort of home. However, I am hoping to make it to a couple of these museums in person in the next few years – something else to add to my bucket list.

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