The top is done!! Oh, happy dance!! Flying Thru the Scrap Bin Continued in this post.

When I left off on the first post about this quilt back in January, I had rows of geese together.

Flying Thru the Scrap Bin Continued

Since then, I have been slowly sewing the rows together to form the top and added borders. A nice way to spend some time on winter evenings.

Rows together with thin border

The above photo is of eight rows sewn together. Notice the narrow sashing between the rows of geese, and the narrow border all the way around the top.

Flying Thru the Scrap Bin Continued

The above photo shows narrow scrap borders on the parallel sides. I decided to add another border strip to these two sides after I took this photo.

A border on one side.

Another view of one of the borders.

Border on other side.

The border on the parallel side.

Flying Thru the Scrap Bin Continued

I was fighting the wind to get this photo. However, all the border strips are on the top. Three on two sides and five on the other two sides.

Border strips at corner

Here is what the border strips look like at the corner. The corner strips could be mitered if I had wanted to take time to do it.

Flying Geese blocks can be set so many different ways. These blocks are beautiful in scraps, Amish colors, or the favorite color schemes of the maker. Here is my Pinterest board for some more ideas.

For this quilt, the geese started out as 5″ squares. The borders are made of 2.5″ strips that I had pre-cut and were ready to be used.

The finished top is 85″ x 81″

Choose Joy clip art from Bing


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