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Getting more time to quilt – in our crazy, busy lives this can pose a real problem. People have emailed me recently asking me how I get so much time to quilt each day. I don’t have any more time than you do.  However, I have learned to be a very good time manager and multi-tasker. We must make each minute count. Here are some simple things to help get more time to quilt each day.


compare what you get done or not to anyone else. None of us have the exact same responsibilities, schedules, or lives. Do what you can do. Remember that quilting is supposed to be fun.

Clip art - Never measure your progress using someone else's ruler.

get discouraged. Look at Pintrest, quilt shows, Facebook, magazines, books, etc as ideas for yourself. Look at the colors and patterns and enjoy.


keep several projects going simultaneously. I try to have a project in cutting stage, another in sewing stage, another in binding stage.  Also, one that can be completely by hand like English paper piecing or applique.

Tumblers and Hexagons are ready for sewing

always keep the sewing machine maintained and threaded so it is ready to be used whenever I(or you) have a few minutes.  Keep a project that is ready to be sewn beside the machine (right now I have a stack of tumbler blocks ready to go). I keep a container with all the pieces cut (and pinned) there ready to be sewn.

Get more time to quilt by being prepared.

use assembly line sewing if possible.

set a timer for small amounts of time to sew.  Even 5, 10, or 15-minute blocks give you a little more done on a quilt.

Making time to quilt - supplies are ready by sewing machine.
I have my timer set for 15 minutes and the project is ready to go.

limit social media and TV time.  If you are not good at this, set a timer and be firm with yourself about stopping when the timer goes off.

limit time talking on the phone, especially if you cannot multitask while visiting. I iron and sort fabric while on the phone. I put the phone on speaker while cutting.

Multi task while on phone.

keep a small project and supplies in a bag always ready to go along.  While waiting on the doctor, picking kids up, at the airport, at breaks between meetings, etc work on a project.  Small amounts of time add up quickly to a completed block or project.

Take heart:

Quilting should be fun. Even a few minutes each day brings enjoyment into your life. Have a wonderful day.

Other helpful ideas:


  1. Wonderful ideas for getting more time in the day to quilt. Thank you for sharing with the rest of us who aren’t so organized.

  2. Fantastic website you have here but I am curious if you follow other quilt blogs or belong to a quilt guild?? You have do many wonderful ideas – you are really creative. Thanks!

    1. Hello,

      Glad you are enjoying this quilting blog. Yes, I do have some some favorite quilt blogs – you can find them in the resources tab at the top of the page. No I don’t belong to a quilt guild at this point. I do too many meetings at work to enjoy another meeting, even if it is about quilting and my work schedule is prohibitive at this point. Yes, I do have lots of quilt ideas rattling around in my head just waiting to get out 🙂

    1. I’m glad you are found this post helpful. I’m not sure I am a talented quilter, but I sure keep working at it 🙂

      Happy quilting.

  3. Fantastic ideas. I love the stove timer idea. Even 15 minutes a day to work on my first quilt would be wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, my favorite quilting gadget is my stove timer. It’s amazing to me how much I can get done in 15 or 30 minutes a day on a quilting project.

      Happy quilting.

  4. I love this amazing post – such simple ideas to add more time to the day. Nobody has enough time to get everything done and I find the days get away and my quilt projects get left out and take longer to get done because my time gets away. I am going to start using a timer to help.

    1. I really do find that a timer or alarm is one of the best quilting gadgets I have. Those little odd minutes add up to getting a project done. Even 15 extra minutes a day means a few more blocks made or more pieces cut out.

      Happy quilting.

  5. Hello there, You have done an excellent job on this quilt blog. I’ll personally suggest to my quilting friends. So many hints and great common sense tips.
    I can’t wait to see what your next project is.

  6. Thank you for the great ideas for getting more time to quilt. My biggest problem is getting sucked down the rabbit hole when it comes to social media – the timer idea will be a huge help. Less social media should mean at least another hour a day to quilt.

    1. It is so easy to waste precious time that could be used for quilting. You are welcome for the great ideas.

    1. Maybe I just get bored with one project at a time. Having more than one project at a time allows me to work on projects based on my mood, supplies available, and location. This way, I can always be doing something on a quilt project. Helps with stress when I have to travel for work too.

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