BRIGHT & HAPPY BUGS QUILT (or a fabric panel quilt)

BRIGHT & HAPPY BUGS QUILT (or a fabric panel quilt)

Cheerful and bright nap size quilt featuring happy lady bugs.

This Bright & Happy Bugs Quilt is a fun nap size quilt for the four-year granddaughter “C”. It’s hard not to smile at these cheerful, colorful bugs. She loves the bright colors and has quite a story to tell about the bugs adventures when she is here.

The Bright & Happy Bugs quilt stays at our home and when “C” wants to curl up, read, or nap she gets it from the rocking chair and curls up in it. Usually there is also a stuffed animal enjoying the quilt with her.

The top is a panel that I pieced bright borders to. We picked the 3 bright colors to add. The pink and yellow strips are 2.5″ and the dark purple is 4″ wide. The outside border is 6″ wide and is a bug print that coordinates with the fabric panel. We had a wonderful time working on this together – building memories and a fun quilt.

I saw a quilt at a fabric store that was off set like this and thought it would be fun to try. I usually do borders all the way around, like a picture frame. It is good to try something different.

RLM machine quilted it in a stipple design. I self-bound it by pulling backing to front and machine sewing down using matching lilac thread.

I decided to use this really soft lilac linen for the quilt backing. It was from a previous project, but there was enough left over to use for this quilt. I love it when things come together perfectly, don’t you?

Solid lilac backing of quilt.  Can see machine quilting design.

Size is 35″ x 58″.

Helpful tip:

Fabric panels are a fun way to make a quilt or other items for home. There are so many available now that cover many interests and color schemes. Look around for panels the next time you are shopping for fabric and see what can be found for a fun, easy project.

Clip art of spool of thread with needle.


6 thoughts on “BRIGHT & HAPPY BUGS QUILT (or a fabric panel quilt)

  1. Great quilt! So cheerful and fun.

    Looking through your quilt blog has given me several ideas for making lap quilts for my grandkids.

    Thank you for taking time to share your hobby and passion.

    1. I am so happy you have found ideas here that you can use for your own quilt projects. Please visit often for more project ideas.

  2. Wonderful quilting website. Lots of useful info here. I am sending the link to several quilter friends. Great photos!

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