HAPPY HIBERNATION QUILT (or using those crumbs & strips – Part 1)

HAPPY HIBERNATION QUILT (or using those crumbs & strips – Part 1)


The news at this point is full of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully quilting is helping you get through this anxious time and giving you a positive project to work on. What are you doing for “quarantine” quilting? I have been working on this crumb/string/strip quilt that I am calling my Happy Hibernation Quilt Part 1 (or using those crumbs & strips).

I googled “quilting trends 2020” this morning thinking there would be several posts on other blogs about “quarantine” quilts since the news is just full of “stay in place” and “quarantine”. Surprisingly there is more about color and pattern trends. There is also many articles on quilters doing masks for our medical workers which is very worth while.



Knowing quilters in general have scraps and need to do something cheerful and not mind boggling right now I thought you might like to drag out the scraps and make a fun “hibernation” quilt of your own.

crumbs & strips of scrap fabric
Source: google images

What do you do with all those crazy fabric pieces that are really no longer large enough to get the size blocks or strips from them that you want? Maybe the solution is a simple crumb or strip quilt.

These blocks are pretty simple really – more like a puzzle to fit together than an actual pattern to be followed.

Here’s photo of my bin of crumbs and strips. You don’t need lots of pieces to make these blocks. I have just been putting left-overs in here a long time. The scraps you have on hand will work fine for this project.

Bin full of colorful scraps of fabric.

Happy Hibernation Quilt Step 1 –

Decide the block size you want. I recommend between 8″ to 12″ however this is your quilt so please pick what you want. Remember that you will be sewing the pieces directly down to whatever you choose as the foundation.

If you want sashing and posts like I did in the top photo, I did 5″ wide sashing and 5″ square posts. However, you do not have to decide about sashing, posts, or even alternate blocks right now.

Happy Hibernation Quilt Step 2 –

The next thing is to decide what to use as a backing to build the block on:

Old scrap paper such as newspaper works well, though I personally recommend pulling paper off when you are done with the blocks. You may find it is easier to take out by wetting it first.

Sew-in lightweight interfacing also works well. Just read the label or test it first to make sure it can be ironed. This can be left in after the blocks are completed.

Years ago I used old thin white sheets that I cut into the size blocks I wanted. Stains or small holes will have no effect on the final blocks. Again, this foundation can be left in when the blocks are done.

Happy Hibernation Quilt Step 3 –

You have decided what size the blocks will be. You have the backing to build the blocks on. Now please cut the background into the size you want. I started out with 24 background blocks, and was having so much fun I ended up with 30.

Cut the number of blocks you want in the size you want. The quilt is for your enjoyment – I am simply giving you guidelines to make a fun hibernation quilt for yourself.

Foundation material for quilt
This is what I have on hand for using as the foundation of these blocks.

I cut 10″ squares because that is the size of the roll of foundation material I am using.

10" square of foundation material for  Happy Hibernation Quilt.
Here is a 10″ cut square of foundation material. I will sew the scraps to this.

Happy Hibernation Quilt (Part 1) summary:

This quilt is a fun way to use up scraps that are already on hand. The colors can be as wild, colorful, or calming as you wish. Have fun. Enjoy the process.

The next post will show you the basics of making a crumb or string quilt.

In the meantime relax, eat healthy, get some fresh air, and spend some time on the phone or using technology to connect to those you want to visit with.

Happy hibernation.

Here’s some other ideas for “crumb” or “string” quilts:



Clip art: make today amazing.


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    1. I need to do another one – those scraps just keep coming along. Have a great time making your crumb and strip quilt.

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