Harvest Bounty

Back in 2020, I was curious about doing something for a quilt in rectangles. Years ago, I saw a nine-patch quilt from rectangles instead of squares. Ok, not really what I was looking for, but the idea of rectangles stayed in the back of my mind. So, this is how I ended up with Harvest Bounty.

I still had scraps galore and a stash to work out of. So, one day in July 2020, I started cutting 4″ x 7″ rectangles. And I cut more and more. After several days I had a plastic tub full of scrap rectangles. Now what?

Scrap 4" x 7" rectangles

Um…maybe Pinterest had some good ideas. Do you ever feel like you just get lost in Pinterest and at some point, you have spent an hour looking at quilt stuff? Yep, me too.

Anyway, I found this quilt on Pinterest (below) and said “yes” that will work.

Source: Pinterest

Simple sewing:

I sewed the rectangles together long ways. There are 7 rows of 8 blocks each. I pulled out the fall looking pieces from the tub. The alternate blocks are a wheat fabric that is directional. The inside dark brown border is cut 1.5″ wide. The fall themed fabric for the border is cut 6″ for the sides, and 4″ for the top and bottom.

I pieced it in an afternoon in October 2020. Then it went into a pile of tops, and I moved onto another project.

Harvest Bounty finally got machine quilted in February 2023 by RLM in an all over stippling pattern. I just got the binding, tag, and hanging sleeve added in March.

The backing fabric screams autumn don’t you think?

Harvest Bounty backing

Finished size is 40″ x 54″.

I love to decorate for fall and Thanksgiving so this will fit right in later this year.

Make your own Harvest Bounty:

My fellow quilters, simple quilts can be very pretty, classic, and comforting. This quilt could easily be in any color scheme. The rectangles could be smaller or larger – what works for you?

Here is another idea for making a quilt similar to this one..

Create and make quilts that make you happy. Enjoy the quilt journey in your life.

Autumn scenery
Source: Bing clip art


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