Do you want to involve the children in your life with your quilting? Yes, the projects and time have to be planned but involving the little people in your life into quilting can be so much fun. Last Friday, the grand (age 4) informed me very seriously that two of her “babies” did not have quilts. What is a grandma to do? Help the grand and her babies by doing a kid project – How To Make Two Doll Quilts In A Day (Part 1).

Note: These two doll quilts are intended to be used hard. They are well made, but not intended to have a long life span.

Can two doll quilts actually be done in a day with “help” from the little person? Yes, but in my case it took a little cheating to cut off some time.

Step 1: Fabric.

I had a section of leftover bright blocks already sewn together. I let her pick the border fabric, so flamingos are the border. There was only 1/3 of a yard so it would have to be cut exactly to have enough. A piece of pink fleece would serve as both the batting and backing.

Supplies for this doll quilt: 3″ squares, one-third yard of flamingo fabric for border, and one piece of pink fleece 31″ x 23″.

Supplies for  How To Make Two Doll Quilts In A Day (Part 1).
Supplies: pink fleece, flamingo border fabric, left over sewn together 3″ blocks.

Step 2: Cutting and sewing

Do the math to cut the fleece bigger than what you will need to include the blocks, border, and self binding. Once fleece is cut, center the (in this case) already sewn together blocks on it. We decided to machine quilt down the seams in one direction. This involved pinning, which she wanted to help with.

Pinning the top to the backing.
The grand “helping” pin the top to the fleece backing.
Close up of pinning.
One row machine quilted, and the next row pinned.
Ready to machine quilt the next row -  How To Make Two Doll Quilts In A Day (Part 1).
Ready to machine quilt the next row.

As the sewn part goes through the machine, the grand pulls out the pins and puts them in a magnetic cup. The grand has done this so much that she is very good at it and she has stuck herself enough that now she remembers to always pull the pins out by the head. She has also been taught to never put her fingers close to the machine needle.

The grand-daughter helping with her doll quilt.
The grand is on the sewing table behind the machine pulling pins and putting in a magnetic cup.

Step 3: Borders

After machine quilting each row, lay the border on one side, sew it down, and fold over so the right side is out. I did a 2.5″ border on two sides and a 4.5″ border on the other two sides – using up the entire one third yard (whoo-hoo, no left over scraps).

Border pinned to fleece
Fabrics right sides together and pinned to fleece.
Blocks with border sewn on.
Border sewn on.

I sew borders on opposite sides – in this case, I sewed the 2.5″ borders on the top and bottom. Then I sewed the 4.5″ borders on the two sides of the doll quilt.

Step 4: Binding

Then I marked a half inch all the way around the top on the fleece (in this case with a blue ball point pen). Cut on the mark all the way around. The half inch of fleece will become the binding.

Half inch mark on fleece.
Marked half inch on fleece.

The self binding is simply folding the half inch of fleece over the top and zig-zag stitching down.

Close up of corner binding for - How To Make Two Doll Quilts In A Day (Part 1). .
Corner folded over and sewn down.
Reverse side of HOW TO MAKE TWO DOLL QUILTS IN A DAY(Part 1)
Reverse side of doll quilt showing machine quilting.

It took about two hours to complete this doll quilt by following the directions here: How To Make Two Doll Quilts In A Day (Part 1). We had it done in time to make homemade mac and cheese for lunch.

Finished size is 28.5″ x 20.5″.

 Grand showing off her complete quilt. HOW TO MAKE TWO DOLL QUILTS IN A DAY(Part 1)
The grand with her completed flamingo doll quilt.

Hopefully this post, “How to Make Two Doll Quilts In A Day (Part 1)” helps you make a quick and fun project for the little person in your life.

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