A reader emailed me asking how I am keeping track of my quilting pins. Well, the honest answer is that I am practical and frugal about it. After all, who wants to step on them?

First choice for keeping track of pins:

My first choice for keeping track of pins is a clear jar with a screw on lid. I use both “up-scaled” plastic peanut butter jars, and glass canning jars.

Peanut butter jar for quilting pins

I can see the quilting pins. Most important is that the lid is tight and there is no concern for those sharp things spilling.

Plus, it allows me to use something I already have on hand so there is no additional cost. This also means it doesn’t go to the landfill either.

Second choice:

My second choice is a magnetic pin holder. Years ago, I discovered magnetic bowls/cups in the auto care section of a store. For years I owned several of these and kept one on the cutting table, another by the sewing machine, and a third on the ironing board. Extras were in the drawer with my thread – after all, one never knows when this handy device may be needed.

Since then, the one I keep by the sewing machine has been upgraded to this pretty and functional model. The handy thing is that it is bigger and so holds lots more pins.

Magnetic pin holder

Third choice:

My third choice is a pin cushion. I am not a real fan of these for actually using them. They get dropped and tipped so that pins are lost. Plus, they always seem to have needles that get pushed into them and go into my finger when the cushion is picked up.

I do own a pretty pincushion, but it is just for show.

Blue and white shoe pin cushion


My mom and grandmother both had those ones that looked like a tomato. As a kid, I always thought they looked like porcupines since they were absolutely full of pins and needles. They were “dangerous” to pick up because I got poked. And they never seemed to be where they were needed – hence me being sent to get them and bring them to the sewer.

"tomato" pin cushion
Source: Bing clip art

My first sewing kit for home ec class had one of those tomato ones too. Ugh…At this point I realized that for me they were just not practical for use.

I was and am clumsy and drop things (that always seem to roll under some piece of furniture). That makes for a time sucking adventure as I retrieve the item that was dropped.

What works for you?

The reader asked what I do for keeping track of the quilting pins and hopefully I have answered her question. However, what works for me may not work for you. The important thing is that your pins are available when needed, and not causing harm when found by bare feet or other hands.

Wishing you a wonderful week of quilting.

Choose Joy
Source: Bing clip art


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