Kid Project: Button Quilt

Kid Project: Button Quilt – We all know children who like to “help” us as we quilt, or want to do something like we are doing.

This is a super easy and non-threatening way to teach basic sewing skills, cutting/dexterity, hand and eye coordination, multiplication, and measuring. Squares, borders, and final size can be adjusted for your child and project.

Daughter (H) was 9 when we did this project – button quilt. I used the rotary cutter to cut 64 blocks. She sewed the blocks together, and added the cat fabric border. I did the binding. She then sewed her favorite buttons (by hand) onto the white squares with thread that matched the buttons.

Kid Project: Button Quilt

We home schooled our kids K – 12, and found out early that quilting was a great way to teach basic math skills. We measure, divide, multiply, subtract, and add to figure out sizes of pieces, blocks, and entire quilts. There is also the colors, and shapes.

Advice for helping the kids in your life quilt: Keep it simple and fun. Let the child pick the fabric and keep the sewing instructions simple.

She entered the Kid Project: Button Quilt in the local county fair (4-H project) and the local quilt show. It got praise and ribbons both places. That is a great confidence builder, especially for a child.

Currently she makes clothes for herself and her daughter. She will help me with all the cutting, ironing, and sewing steps of a quilt top and it makes for a great “girl” day.

Finished size is 28″ square.

Cotton fabric and wool batting. Buttons that were her favorites at the time.

Daughter showing off quilt.
She wanted a photo of herself with the quilt in front of the Christmas tree.

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Clip art - variety of buttons


14 thoughts on “KID PROJECT – BUTTON QUILT

  1. Cool idea. I work with kids teaching basic life skills. Several parents have asked me to do a simple sewing project and I really like your idea.

  2. Great blog and enlightening posts. I am having a wonderful time going reading the posts, even the ones on the older quilt blog. Bookmarking this blog. Have an awesome day!

  3. I sent the link to this post to a friend who is looking for an easy sewing project to do with a grand daughter. This seems like a way to teach straight seam sewing to a youngster.

    1. This is a fun and non-threatening way to learn to sew, especially for straight seams. My daughter enjoyed making it. She showed it at several quilt shows and the local 4-H group.

  4. What an amazing post for an amazing idea. I head up the local 4-H group and am always looking for “crafty” ideas to use help the kids make. This is a perfect project for a couple of the younger girls who want to sew but not to make clothing. Thank so much.

    1. This simple quilt project is a “non-threatening” way to teach cutting, ironing, and straight seams. Great first project. So glad you found it.

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