Want to make a dent in your scrap bin? What about making a simple quilt in your favorite colors? This quilt, Lemon Drops and Blueberries, will do either or both. Plus it was fun and easy.

This quilt can easily be made with 3″ wide strips and strip pieced together if you have yardage or bigger scraps. However, I was working with small scraps and cut individual 3″ blocks.

Starting step for Lemon Drops and Blueberries Quilt

Using the same idea from Pintrest as I did for a previous quilt, Simply Squares (indianaquilter40.com/simple-squares-quilt) I cut out stacks of 3″ squares from the scrap bin. I narrowed my color choices to blues and yellows.

Blue and yellow 3" squares for the quilt blocks.

For this quilt, I made the blocks 6 squares long by 6 squares across. I use the foot on my machine for the seam line and it is a bit bigger than a quarter inch. My blocks turned out to be 15″ square.

Rows together to make blocks for the Lemon Drops and Blueberries quilt.

I decided to make the quilt five blocks across and six blocks long (30 blocks total), plus the sashing and posts. So I did not loose count, I pinned the finished blocks together in stacks of 10 blocks.

30 completed blocks for the Lemon Drops and Blueberries quilt.

Adding the posts and sashing to Lemon Drops and Blueberries Quilt

The blocks finished at 15″ square which is the length I cut the sashing. The sashing is 3″ wide.

By sewing sashing, block, sashing, block and repeating, I was able to sew the six rows of five blocks together quickly.

Then I sewed the post, sashing, post, sashing, etc. together until it was the length I wanted to match the block row.

Close up of blocks, posts, and sashings for this quilt.

Adding the borders to the Lemon Drops and Blueberries Quilt

The only fabric that is not scraps is the border on my quilt top. I cut it 4″ wide.

Border fabric for Lemon Drops and Blueberries quilt.

I sewed the top and bottom borders on, then ironed. After that I sewed the side borders on and ironed.

Close up of border fabric sewn on quilt.

The top is complete !! The size is 94″ x 110″.

Remember that this quilt can be adjusted several ways:

The square size can be made larger or smaller than the 3″ squares that I used if you desire. This will enable you to utilize the fabric you have.

Or the number of squares sewn into a block can be adjusted to more or less based on the needs for your own quilt. I used 6 blocks across and long (so 36 squares in each block).

Even the posts and sashings can be narrower or wider than the 3″ I used.

The border can be easily wider or narrower based on the size of quilt needed.

Completed blocks for this quilt.

Other ideas for using simple squares and scraps to make a quilt:




Happy Stitching and have a wonderful day.

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  1. You are a great writer and I love this blog! So many wonderful ideas. I love to make true scrap quilts and you have so many ideas for using the scraps I have saved from other quilt projects. Thanx so much.

    1. Scrap quilts are fun and a way to stay on budget by using what is on hand. Plus I think it helps us appreciate quilters from years past who really did have to use every bit of fabric they had. Happy quilting.

  2. Good stuff on this quilt blog! My favorite quilt blog because there is so many ideas here. Simple patterns with excellent results. Inexperienced quilter but I can do many of these. This blog has inspired my last two wall hangings.

    1. I am always happy to hear that I am inspiring quilters and that they are happy with the results of their own quilt projects. Send pics and I will share on the gallery.

  3. Hello there! I want to offer you a huge thumbs up for your excellent info on this post. I don’t consider myself an experienced quilter, but I can do a quilt like this. I am thinking purple and red instead of blue and yellow like yours. Subscribed.

    1. Wow, I think a purple and red quilt would be pretty. I have not tried that color combo but I sure have the scraps for one. Thanks for subscribing.

  4. Hello there, I discovered your site and it seems great. I love blue and yellow quilts, and this one is simple and beautiful. I probably have enough of my own scraps I won’t have to buy any new fabric. I’ll send you a pic when it is done. I’ve subscribed to the blog.

    1. Blue and yellow are so pretty together. I have made several b/y quilts and have ideas for more. Yes, please do send me a photo of your version of this quilt when you are done. Thank you for subscribing. Happy quilting.

    1. Thank you. This one was fun and easy to do. Best of all is that the design can be adjusted to any size easily. I love using scraps but this one sure did not seem to make a dent in my scrap bins.

  5. I love your blog. Very nice colors, theme and ideas. Easy to navigate which makes reading about your quilting adventures much more fun. Keep posting.

    1. So glad you are enjoying the blog. I put a lot of thought into an easy to read theme so glad that is working out for the readers.

  6. Great post. I hope you plan to keep posting this kind of information on your blog for a long time to come. It is so nice to find a quilt blog that is fun, and has so many quilts that are simple to make. Not everybody wants to make complicated quilts, or wants to learn a new technique. I am really impressed by your blog and will be suggesting it to some other quilters I know.

    1. I love it when other quilters find this blog useful. Please do share it with other quilters.

      Happy quilting.

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