Row quilt featuring pine trees, birds, houses, leaves, fish, and mountains.

This Maine Row Quilt is beautiful!!! I completed the hand quilting on it in July of this year.  The top was done by my good quilting buddy (SB) of Caribou, ME. I believe she said the pattern was done by a local guild member up there.

SB had started quilting it and decided to move onto another project. So, I got to complete the hand quilting. It was so much fun to quilt because each row was different, and the quilting design changed with each row. I put in 182 yards of quilting to finish it.

Several people saw it at my home in the quilt frame while I was working on it. We all agreed that it was a truly beautiful quilt (even without my hand stitches in it).

A close up of the bird  and house rows.

The back is a beautiful print of brown bears.

Maine Row Quilt
A larger view of the entire backing.

The finished size was 88″ x 90″. 

I returned it to her unbound because SB will do over the winter when the snow is flying thick in northern Maine.

I already have so many ideas for quilts. However, if I can convince her to loan me the pattern, I may make a Maine Row Quilt for myself.

For other ideas of row quilts, see here. Maybe you will decide to make a row quilt for yourself – frankly they look fun.

Happy Quilting.

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4 thoughts on “MAINE ROW QUILT

  1. Beautiful quilt!!! I like row quilts, but I don’t see many on your blog. Do you do row quilts? If so, who is your favorite designer?

    1. This is a beautiful quilt. So glad I got to hand quilt it.

      I think I have made one row quilt, and it was something out of my head to use up more scraps. Sorry that I can’t suggest designers for you.

      Have you considered just making up a pattern for yourself? It could be made to represent something personal to you.

    1. I think it is a really pretty quilt too.

      I did the hand quilting on it, but did not do any of the piecing. No idea where to get the pattern.

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