More Paducah 2023
All these different blocks amazed me. I am pretty sure I have only made a few of them in all my years of quilting.

The Paducah quilt show was so much fun. So many quilts to see, other quilters to talk to, and quilt related items to look at and/or purchase. Last week I showed you some photos from Paducah. Since I took so many photos, I think this week I would just show you more. Enjoy More Paducah 2023.

If you have not gone to the quilt show in Paducah every April, please put it on your bucket list to do at least once in your life. It will inspire you in your quilting journey. Yes, it would be a huge amount of work to make a quilt specifically for this show, but maybe that is a quilting goal you have. Not me. I am just there to enjoy and be inspired.

And buy fabrics and tools I can’t get locally.

House block quilt

I saw several house block quilts this year. Can I be honest and say that I hate making these blocks? But I appreciate all the work that goes into them. However, this one was so happy and cute it makes me think that maybe I could make some of those blocks.

More Paducah 2023

It must be the year at Paducah for various “house” quilts. Here is another one and I really like the ocean so this one really caught my attention. People say I am creative, but I could not have come up with this one. I wonder if this one is a pattern.

There were just so many gorgeous quilts at Paducah – like every year. The Paducah show is always amazing. Enjoy more Paducah 2023:

Animal quilt
More Paducah 2023
Hawaiian applique quilt
Sampler quilt
Titled: What is old is new again
Civil War Bride quilt
Look at those tiny pieces!!
Applique quilt
Reminds me of sunflowers
Coal Miner's Child
More Paducah 2023
Never Enough Shoes
Hopes and Dreams
More Paducah 2023


I hope these photos inspire and encourage you to attend the wonderful Paducah Quilt Show 2023.

Please note that none of the quilts in this post are mine, but the photos and narrative are.

FB 6-12-23/P/I

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