MY HINTERBERG QUILT FRAME: People ask me frequently about my quilt frame. I love this frame and am very proud of it. I purchased this frame in the spring of 1990. It is rock maple. The website for Hinterberg is:

The bars are 92-93″ long and it can be dismantled to transport or to move around at home. It also has a tilt feature but I like to use it flat. I love having my hands free. It is also nice not to have the quilt on my lap (like with a hoop). I have had 6 people quilting on it at one time.

My Hinterberg Quilting Frame
The frame is empty because I just removed the quilt from it.

I admit this frame looks used, but it works just as well now as it did when it was new. And the frame is used. Before I take out a quilt, the quilt to go into it for quilting is ready and waiting. The frame is never sitting empty.

The ratchet system that keeps the bars (and quilt) tight.
There are 4 ratchets to keep the bars (and quilt) tight

This frame is so easy to adjust, tighten, or even tilt.

Nuts and bolts to adjust frame.
Nuts & Bolts to adjust frame

The frame I used before this was simply 4 (1″ x 4″) boards with c-clamps that was held up at the corners on chairs. The quilt was tacked into the frame. It was big and bulky but did the job of holding the quilt tight.

My husband took time to put a double layer of duck cloth on this frame (when new) with tacks. I pin the quilt to the fabric.

Fabric that quilt is pinned to while in frame.

So here is my Hinterberg quilt frame with a quilt in it. The quilt is tight and without wrinkles or puckers. A joy to quilt this way.

Quilt in my Hinterberg Quilt Frame

My kids were teenagers before it really hit them that a quilt frame is probably not standard living room furniture. They all can hand quilt and have quilted at this frame.

In my opinion, one of the nicest things about a quilt frame is the room to have a quilting bee. I try to do one once a year with other quilters just for the fellowship and joy of being with other quilters.


While I definitely prefer to have an actual quilt frame, it is not for everyone. Some people prefer a different type of frame, or a hoop. Some prefer just to wad it up in their hands and quilt. Find what works for you, and just enjoy the process of hand quilting.

Clip art of woman at quilt frame
Source: Google clip art

Some other quilts I have hand quilted on this frame:


  1. I love my Hinterberg quilt frame. How cool is it that you have, use, and love yours too! Thanks for the great quilt blog.

    1. Yes, I use and love my Hinterberg quilt frame. It is such a useful tool. Thank you for being a subscriber to this blog. Happy quilting.

    1. The fabric on the side bars is “duck” (aka broadcloth). The purpose is so I can pin the three layers of the quilt to that fabric strip. Just wrapping the quilt around those bars will not hold it tight or without wrinkles which makes for hard unpleasant quilting. The duck can be found in most craft stores, or Walmart.

    1. It certainly is a great tool for beautiful hand quilting. I cannot say enough good things about my Hinterberg frame. Enjoy yours’ and happy quilting.

  2. Hello, I have one of these same frames that I bought used several years ago. I love it. It is nice to know that there are other ones out there being used. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yes, I do love my quilt frame. It sure has been part of a lot of hand quilted quilts in my life. Sounds like in your life as well. Happy quilting.

    1. I bought mine back in 1990, so it is 30 years old. Still looks and works great. I prefer a quilt frame over a hoop – so much less hassle and moving all the bulky fabric around while I am working on it. I think we quilt frame people are a dying breed – maybe if we talk about frames enough we can get more people to use them.

  3. A cousin recommended that I check out this quilt blog and I am so excited to be here. There is tons of stuff for ideas of what to do with my fabric scraps. Are you sure you are only one person? Do you ever sleep? Wow, to be that organized. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I am so glad you chose to visit this quilt blog and found useful ideas here.

      Yes, I am only one person (with way too many ideas for quilts). I do sleep a few hours every night.

      Please visit again and happy quilting.

  4. My husband looked at the photos on this post and says he can build one for me for Christmas. I have used a hoop for years and think using a floor frame would be easier on my back and hands. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Greetings from California! I enjoy the quilt information you present here and can’t wait to take a better look when I get home after work. I’m amazed at how quick your blog loaded on my phone .. Anyways, good blog!

    I have a plastic quilt frame and do not like it. I have been looking for reviews for wooden floor frames and ran across your post. I am going to check more about the company you mention and their products. Looks to me like money well spent.

    1. hello,

      I love my Hinterberg quilting frame!!! The $$ was well spent and with no regrets. I have not looked at what the current models are that they have now but would recommend contacting them to see what is available or they can make for you.

      Happy Quilting.

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