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As I mentioned in the previous post, a current project is a quilt for my nephew. He loves vintage and muscle cars. I am making him an Ode to Vintage Cars quilt for his high school graduation this year. Simple and personal.

I try to do my business locally, and in this case the search for specific fabric took longer than expected. I found so many vehicle fabrics, but most were juvenile looking or were not the right kind of cars. Amazing as it is, I was able to get four vintage car fabrics on my last road trip to the Daviess County, IN Amish community.

My plan is this –

Double bed size made from 10″ squares. The car fabric will be alternated with solid orange fabric. It will be 8 rows across by 9 rows up and down for a total of 72 squares. So 36 orange and 36 car fabric. Can you tell I like to keep my math easy?

Some car fabrics

My thought is to add three separate borders: 2.5″ wide white, 2.5″ orange, and 4″ navy blue with small white stars. The borders will be my ode to my favorite muscle car.

I am aiming for a finished size of 85″ x 95″.

Right now, the rows are sewn together and the top is waiting the borders. I should be able to get the borders added this week. Then it will go off to be machine quilted.

I will add more photos once the quilt is complete.


It should make a young man who loves vintage and muscle cars a happy guy.

Update 06/22/2021:

I just finished the self binding on this quilt, and wanted to add an updated photo and information.

Ode to Vintage Car quilt complete.

This quilt has three borders. The first is white solid, the second is the same orange solid as the alternate blocks, with the outside border being navy with white stars.

The backing is a gray solid flat sheet. For quilting thread I chose gray variegated to blend in with the backing. Batting is a poly/cotton blend.

An all over stipple design was done for the machine quilting.

The completed size is 88″ x 98″ so a bit bigger than the original goal.

Update 7/06/2021:

Nephew is happy with the quilt.
Nephew is happy with the quilt.
On his bed – it looks really good.

My favorite muscle car:

During my teen years in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, muscle cars were common. I had my favorites – Corvette’s and Nova’s. Then this TV series came on in 1979 named the Dukes of Hazzard. I fell in love hard for the most “magic” muscle car of them all – the General Lee. It was beautiful jumping and it always drove off after a jump.

Coolest vintage car
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I found out the hard way that jumping a muscle car was not smart and very dangerous. A school mate and I ruined his dad’s newly restored Camaro by jumping it on a country road. The moral to that lesson – let the stunt guys drive crazy.


Easy and personal quilts can be made from any novelty fabric that suits the interests of the recipient. Here’s another idea for a personal quilt that involves vehicles. I also found an unlimited amount of car quilt ideas on Pintrest.

This kind of quilt is simple to make and a joy to receive. Have fun making these for the special people in your life.

In the meantime, I will finish the Ode to Vintage Cars quilt by adding the borders and getting it off to the machine quilter.

Have a great day.

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6 thoughts on “ODE TO VINTAGE CARS

  1. Love it – great idea for my son and gr-son who are both into restoring vintage cars. U have the most amazing ideas for quilts.

    1. This quilt was quick, easy, and very personal. My nephew thinks it is pretty great too 🙂 Happy quilting.

  2. I am new to this blog and have subscribed. This quilt is such a great idea for making a personal quilt to celebrate an occasion in life.

    What a great thing you are doing here by making quilting easy and fun. I love that you are not encouraging people to go out and buy expensive supplies and fabric. The patterns are easy to do and will probably get finished. I have quilted for decades, and have no idea how many quilts I fell in love with, bought a pattern (and maybe the fabric or some special tool), made a few blocks, got frustrated or bored and did not finish the quilt.

    I am going back through those piles of unfinished projects and finishing some of them up. Some I have lost interest in and have passed on to other quilters. Some I have decided to use the fabrics in some other project. Since I started reading this blog, I look at my quilt projects a whole new way.

    Thanks so much for all you do.

    1. Thank you for the wonderful and encouraging comment.

      I feel that quilting should be fun. The world is stressful enough without having a stressful hobby too. Enjoy making those quilts, and if they are not enjoyable to work on then it is time to pass them on to someone who will enjoy working on them.

      Happy quilting.

  3. What a wonderful idea for graduation gift !

    You come up with the greatest ideas for making quilts personal. Thanks for the inspiration.

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