Today was one of those days……you know the kind where nothing goes as planned. Have you ever been tempted just to crawl back in bed and hope to start the day over?? Yes, it has been one of those days….

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Sadly, all the distractions and problems of today interfered with the quilting activity I had planned for tonight. But I still wanted to get in a few minutes today of some quilt related activity.

I set the timer for five minutes. I pulled out a few scraps from the bins that I wanted to cut for the next scrap quilt.

Two cardboard boxes marked "small scraps".
These hold fabric a quarter yard or less – it keeps me from loosing them on the shelves with the bigger pieces of fabric.

Next, I set the timer for 10 minutes and ironed those scraps.  I hate to iron (am I allowed to admit this?) even though I do so much of it. I tend to get stalled right here trying to pretend I really do not have to iron those wrinkled up scraps (they are so much easier to cut and sew when ironed first). The timer went off just as I was ironing the last scrap.

These lovely pieces of fabric will have to wait until tomorrow for me to cut up – I don’t trust myself to cut the fabric accurately tonight. I am tired and headed to bed.

One of those days
All ironed and ready to cut into blocks and strips.

I know all of us have these kinds of days occasionally and I just think it is important that we just do the best we can. Try to end the day on a good note. It makes for a good night of rest and a fresh start for tomorrow.

Folded fabric with saying "When the going gets round --- don't forget to pet the fabric".

Other quilters have bad days too:

Mary Johnson

Stitched in Color

Please be kind to yourself and others. Some days are just hard. Try to find something good or humorous about each day – all days are a gift. Find something positive today and concentrate on it.

And remember that quilting or a quilt related activity will help you feel better.


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4 thoughts on “ONE OF THOSE DAYS

  1. Some days are not worth getting out of bed for. But then I get involved in something “quilty” and the day gets so much better.

  2. The information you provide on this web site has helped me greatly really get going on quilting. I wanted to make quilts but found it all intimating until I found your quilt blog. Thank you for all of your time and work.

    1. Hello, You are so welcome for the help you find here. Kind comments like this keep me blogging. Happy quilting.

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