I meant to share these photos of the Paducah Quilt Show 2023 so much sooner. However, I have been fighting (and loosing?) with my computer the last few weeks. I finally had to break down and replace it.

Paducah Quilt Show 2023
A beautiful Christmas quilt

Many of you have also attended this wonderful annual show in Paducah, KY in April. But I know many of you have not been able to go ever, or maybe not this year. It is so fun to attend and be inspired in our quilt journey.

Just to give an idea of how big this quilt show is.
Paducah is a huge quilt show

Quilter Inspiration:

Now I can share these beautiful and inspiring quilts with you, my dear readers. These quilts stopped me in my tracks. I look at these and see beauty. It is so fun to be surrounded by quilts, fabrics, other quilters, and the conversations that happen among us.

Paducah Quilt Show 2023

I personally think one day is not enough to really see everything that there is across this city. However, one year I went for the entire length of the show and was totally overdosed on quilts by the last day. That year, I spent the final day sitting on the riverbank watching the barges and birds. For me personally, two days is perfect.

Barges on the Ohio River.
Barges carrying coal on the Ohio River.
A Baltimore Album quilt
Lots of Baltimore Album quilts this year.

Maybe these photos will encourage you to attend at least once.

More quilts...

Sit back and enjoy the show. I will share more next week too.

Paducah Quilt Show 2023
This one was stunning with the black background.

These quilt photos are in no order. I simply enjoyed these particular ones. Maybe it was the color, or the design, or even the theme. Who cares right? They are simply wonderful.

Dear Jane quilt
Dear Jane quilt
Another Dear Jane...
Dear Jane in blue and white
Log Cabin
The strips in this were so narrow!
Paducah Quilt Show 2023
I can’t imagine working with these curves.
Another beauty
More quilts
Some of the catagory winners
Some of the category winners
Paducah Quilt Show 2023

Previous Paducah Quilt Shows

Here are some of my previous posts about Paducah:

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More Paducah 2023
My Helper
Flower Power
The Boatmaker
Fancy Stairs

I hope these photos inspire and encourage you to attend the wonderful Paducah Quilt Show 2023.

Please note that none of the quilts in this post are mine, but the photos and narrative is.

FB 6-12-23/P-5-30-23/I-5-30-23

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