Picket Fence Quilts
Original pattern piece – source unknown publication

Way back in the 1990’s my quilting buddy (SB) sent me this quilt pattern. I do not know where she got it, but we decided to make a charm quilt with it. We traded fabrics and challenged each other not to let this quilt become a UFO. I made 4 quilts with this pattern. I thought I would share the Picket Fence Quilts with you.

Pattern piece for Picket Fence drawn by SB.
Pattern piece drawn by SB

The Picket Fence Charm Quilt:

charm quilt
Quilt # 192

I pieced this Picket Fence Charm Quilt during 1995-97. There are 532 different fabrics in it. MG machine quilted it in an all-over design in November 1997. This finished size was 76″ 88″. It was made of all cotton fabrics and a poly batting. In Oct. 2003, I donated this quilt to a local charity auction – hopefully it went to a good home.

Here are more ideas for charm quilts.

Showing off the quilt

The second Picket Fence Quilt:

This particular one was pieced in 1997. It was machine quilted by MG in 1997 in an all-over pattern, and it was the Christmas gift for my in-laws in 1997. Finished size was queen. This really is an easy pattern to piece, and it can be scrappy or planned. The fabrics is cotton and batting is poly.

scrap Picket Fence quilt

The third picket fence quilt – Wishing for Horses:

The son was going through a “Cowboy and Horses” stage. I found a couple of horse cheater blocks and used those as the top side of this Picket Fence Quilt. Another scrap quilt. Each of the 4 borders is a different horse or western theme fabric. The finished size was 60″ x 74″. I pieced this is Feb. 1997 and MG machine quilted it in Feb. 1998 in an all-over design.

In August 2011 said son had long since passed his “Cowboy and Horses” stage. He allowed me to pass this to a family friend who loves horses.

A cowboy and horse themed quilt

The fourth Picket Fence Quilt:

The daughter had to have a quilt from this pattern too. After all her brother got one. She wanted it to be pink and green. Used scraps and some cheater blocks for this cheerful and fun quilt. Used girlie flower fabrics for the borders. I pieced it in 1996, and RLM machine quilted it in 2002. Finished size is 75″ x 52″. She still has it, but it is now looking well loved.

A green and pink quilt

My thoughts on this pattern:

I found this pattern in the original envelope the other day. There are even extra pieces in the envelope. I am thinking this would be a great way to use up some more scraps. After all, fun and easy makes for a great quilt journey.

Quilting should be fun and enjoyable. Don’t let it stress you out. Happy quilting.


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