QUILT SHOW – Terre Haute, IN

Quilt with triangle blocks and appliqued flower border.

Today is a dreary, gray, foggy day here and I thought it would be fun to “Go To A Quilt Show” in Terre Haute, IN for fun new ideas and inspiration, and to encourage us in our quilting activities. The best part is that we don’t have to get out of our jammies, drive anywhere, or see the show at a certain time.

Quilt of solid colors with center star, and card trick borders

This show was held in Terre Haute, IN in January 2006 by the Vigo County Quilt Guild. I attended this quilt show for many years because it was just plain fun. I always came away with ideas for my own quilts because of the quilts hanging at the show. And the guild folks were always so nice to visit with.

Trip around the world quilt done in solid fabrics.

Why go to a quilt show?

I will go to any quilt show if I can fit it into my schedule. Sure the vendors are usually worth at least a good look at, there are other quilters to talk to and bounce ideas off of, but for me the biggest thing is simply to see what other quilters did with patterns, fabrics, and their own creativity.

Quilt with cream background with red bias tape designs.

I usually end up asking myself, “why didn’t I think of that?”

Quilt: Mariner's Compass center with star and 9 patch blocks around it.

If you get a chance to go to a quilt show, no matter how big or small, try to go. Look, ask questions, enjoy the camaraderie, and come away with lots of new ideas.

Red, white and blue quilt with appliqued eagles in the center.

Quilt shows can be found in any city or rural area. Bigger national shows are easy to find on the internet. I find smaller or local shows by asking at fabric stores, checking other blogs, networking with other quilters, or looking through quilt magazines.

Scrap quilt in all hexagons.

These quilts are in no order, just simply what caught my eye that day.

Solid fabrics look like woven ribbons against black background.

I am not a purist, so I make some quilts to be hand quilted, and some to be machine quilted. Besides the pattern and colors, I always study how the quilt was actually quilted – machine or hand?

Two geometric quilts in solids or batik fabrics.

What pattern was it quilted in? Does the quilting blend in, or is the quilting meant to be seen? Is the quilter experienced or is he/she starting out?

Blue background with Chinese lanterns quilt.

What is a quilt challenge?

Two wall  hangings - one is flying geese and one is a woven pattern.
Two challenge quilts – the floral fabric in these had to be used in the quilt top.

I personally love to see “challenges” by a group of quilters. A challenge is where the same fabric or the same pattern is used in all the quilts. Give several quilters the same pattern or fabric guidelines, and they will still have very different quilts when done.

Ideas for quilt challenges: http://sillygoosequilts.blogspot.com/2015/01/ideas-for-quilt-challenges.html

To a quilt show we will go

Fellow Quilters Unite….. well maybe not, but let’s go to quilt shows if possible. It is so much fun, and just a great way to meet others who have the same interests we do. What is your favorite quilt show to attend?

Scrap quilt of nine patches set at an angle with arrow sashing.

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Made first quilt by myself in mid teens. Addicted to quilting. Love using simple quilt patterns and giving them a twist so they are my own....Live in central Indiana. Raised in Montana. Have traveled and worked all over US and in Germany. Certified medical coder, HIM manager, and medical record auditor. Married for 30+ years to a wonderful guy who likes my quilts. We have grown children and starting on grand-kids.

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