QUILT SHOW – Terre Haute, IN

QUILT SHOW – Terre Haute, IN

Quilt show - Terre Haute, IN

Today is a dreary, gray, rainy day here. I thought it would be fun to “go to a quilt show” in Terre Haute, IN. I miss going to quilt shows (thanks to COVID) and thought all of us could use some new ideas and inspiration. Plus it will encourage us in our quilting activities.

The best part is that we don’t have to get out of our jammies, deal with rising gas prices, or see the show at a certain time.

Quilt of solid colors with center star, and card trick borders

This show was held in Terre Haute, IN in January 2006 by the Vigo County Quilt Guild. I attended this quilt show for many years because it was just plain fun. I came away with ideas for my own quilts because of the lovely quilts hanging at the show. And the guild folks were always so nice to visit with.

Trip around the world quilt done in solid fabrics.

Why go to a quilt show?

I will go to any quilt show if I can fit it into my schedule. Check out the vendors – yes. Talk to other quilters – yes. Bounce quilt ideas of complete strangers at the show – yes. But for me the best thing about any quilt show is to see what other quilters do with patterns, fabrics, and their own creativity.

Quilt show - Terre Haute, IN

I usually end up asking myself, “why didn’t I think of that?”

Quilt: Mariner's Compass center with star and 9 patch blocks around it.

If you get a chance to go to a quilt show, no matter how big or small, try to go. Look, ask questions, enjoy the camaraderie, and come away with lots of new ideas.

Red, white and blue quilt with appliqued eagles in the center.

Quilt shows are found in any city or rural area. Bigger national shows are easy to find on the internet. I find smaller or local shows by asking at fabric stores, checking other quilt blogs, networking with quilters, or looking through quilt magazines.

Scrap quilt in all hexagons.

These quilts are in no order. They are just colorful and fun.

Solid fabrics look like woven ribbons against black background.

I am not a purist, so I make some quilts to be hand quilted, and some to be machine quilted. So I always study how the quilt was actually quilted – machine or hand?

Two geometric quilts in solids or batik fabrics.

What is the quilting pattern? Does the quilting blend in, or is the quilting meant to be seen? Is the quilter experienced or starting out?

Blue background with Chinese lanterns quilt.

What is a quilt challenge?

Two wall  hangings - one is flying geese and one is a woven pattern.
Two challenge quilts – the floral fabric in these had to be used in the quilt top.

I personally love to see “challenges” by a group of quilters. A quilt challenge is when the same fabric or same pattern is used in all the quilts of a challenge. Give several quilters the same pattern or fabric guidelines, and they will still have very different quilts when done.

Here are some ideas for quilt challenges.

To a quilt show we will go

Fellow Quilters Unite….. well maybe not, but let’s go to quilt shows if possible. It is so much fun, and just a great way to meet others who have the same interests we do.

Quilt show - Terre Haute, IN

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Please note that all photos and written content in this post are mine.

6 thoughts on “QUILT SHOW – Terre Haute, IN

  1. Hi, This is a great quilt website. I have bookmarked it. I really like how fun and easy you make quilting. Your experience and the vast amount of quilts you make is amazing. And I think completing nine quilts is something 🙂

    1. I am so glad you are liking my quilt blog. Making 9 quilts is a big something – pleased don’t compare yourself to other quilters. Each of us should make the quilts that make us happy and fulfill that special something in our soul. Enjoy the journey and happy quilting.

  2. Hello there! This post could not be written much better! All the quilt shows I go to each year are still canceled – depressing. Thank you for sharing this one, it is always nice to see what other quilters have done.

    Hoping for totally open next year. I am ready to get on the road!

    1. Glad you like the post.

      Hopefully we quilters will have lots of re-opened quilt shows to see next year.

      Happy quilting.

  3. I remember this show – used to drive in from IL. It was always a great show. Haven’t seen it advertised the last few years which is a loss to quilters. Thanks for sharing your photos and thoughts about it.

    1. It was a really nice quilt show. I miss it. I believe the guild has closed so the show isn’t being done anymore. You are right, not having this show the past few years is a loss to area quilters.

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