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Quilting and injury are not a fun mix. I have not mentioned my shoulder injury. It has really slowed down my hand quilting, and all areas of the sewing and quilting journey. I am sure other quilters experience shoulder and hand injuries too.

Repetitive motions such as rotary cutting and hand quilting just make my shoulder throb painfully.

I am not even sure what caused the injury in January. However, during a visit to the chiropractor I mentioned the pain in my shoulder. He diagnosed it as “frozen shoulder” and gave me some light exercises to do to help the stiffness and pain.

The exercises were easy to do and as time goes on the issue is diminishing. But I was not mentally prepared to not do any quilting activities for several weeks. That has been the worst part of the injury.

So what am I doing…

Currently I am hand quilting for one hour a day – at this stage I am thrilled with that. Rotary cutting and hand binding are even slower. But there is progress so I am happy.

I have sorted scraps by size and cleaned up the piles of fabrics.

Quilting books have been perused and new ideas marked. Magazines have been looked at and enjoyed. Some have been passed on, and some reorganized.

I enjoy other quilter’s blogs, but there has been time to catch up on reading (that are new to me, mostly) quilt blogs. It is fun to see what other quilters are doing and their projects. I found some really neat projects to possibly make.

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I also found a few new quilt blogs and thought I will share some with my wonderful readers:

A list of popular quilt blogs for 2021.

A mystery quilt (I like the blue and white version).

Quilts that are refreshingly different.

A different star block.

All kinds of fun ideas.

Make today amazing.
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Enjoy your week readers. If you are a quilter with an injury, please find other quilt related activities to do while you recover.


8 thoughts on “QUILTING AND INJURY

  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing your quilts with the rest of us. Don’t want to miss any posts so subscribed long ago. Please don’t stop making beautiful quilts or encouraging us to make simple, beautiful quilts.

    1. You are very welcome for sharing my quilts with the readers. Thank you for subscribing. Happy Quilting.

  2. Greetings from South Carolina! I decided to browse your site during lunch break. I enjoy the info you present here and can’t wait to take a better look when I get home. Amazing site!

    1. Thank you for spending time on my blog. If you really like it, please subscribe so you do not miss any posts. Happy quilting.

  3. Hope your shoulder heals soon.

    Glad you found other quilt related projects to work on while you recover.

    1. My shoulder is slowly healing, but it is really hard not to be cutting pieces, or doing several hours of hand quilting. What can I say but that I am addicted to quilting 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words. Happy quilting.

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