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Quilting Goals for 2020 – I cannot believe how fast 2019 flew by! It was such a crazy busy year on so many levels: job, personal, and quilting. However, I can honestly say that I completed all my quilting goals for the year. I need to really pat myself on the back!

So how did you do on your quilting goals for 2019? It’s alright if you didn’t get them all done – any progress is better than nothing. If you are one of those rare people who actually got more done than what your goals were – yippee for you!!

People celebrating completing quilting goals.

I am a list maker, and it really does help me get things done in my life. I made myself a new “fancy” list template for quilting projects in 2020. You are welcome to use it too if you like:

I spent yesterday going through UFOs (Unfinished Objects) and deciding which ones I wanted to get done in 2020. Here are my quilting goals for next year:

List of Quilting Goals for 2020
Page 1
List of quilting goals for 2020
Page 2

My 2020 list is hanging in my sewing room where I can easily see it. I didn’t write any “prizes” in yet because I will decide on that as I go.

I don’t necessarily do the UFOs in any order – a lot of how they get done depends on my time and travel. The ones that need a sewing machine I have to do while home, but the ones I can do by hand (like applique, or bindings on small items) can go along on job trips.

The important thing is that I am working on the items all year and staying focused – it is so easy to get distracted and want to move on to another project before one is completed. Yep, that is how I ended up with so many UFOs in the first place….

Hopefully I have encouraged you to get busy on those projects you want to do for 2020, whether they are UFOs or a new item. Set quilting goals for 2020. Remember to have fun with your quilting.

Happy Stitching.

clip art sewing machine

P. S. Another helpful source on writing down goals for 2020:


10 thoughts on “QUILTING GOALS FOR 2020

  1. I like the valuable information for quilting you provide in your posts.
    I will bookmark your blog and check again regularly.
    I am quite certain I will learn new stuff right here!

  2. howdy,

    thanks so much for the great idea to make a list of what my quilt goals are for the year. I am going to use the PDF you put on post too. I have been reading a few of your posts each week and there is so much good info here. thanks for helping a quilter who needs to get more quilting done.


    1. Hi Jane,

      So glad you are finding the posts and info helpful for your quilting journey.


  3. Yeah, there are quilters from here in Indiana. Just moved back to TH and was looking around for fellow quilters and found you.

    1. Hi Patty,

      There are a lot of quilters in the TH and surrounding area. I believe there are 2 quilt guilds in TH these days. I don’t get into TH much these days because my job has me traveling around so much but there is always good fabric at Hobby Lobby and the fabric store on Wabash Ave.

      Have a wonderful time quilting and come visit me at this blog again (or email me). Happy Stitching.

      1. Hi Patty,

        I finally got the FB group going to interact with this blog. Same name so please join. Have fun and show off your projects. Ask quilt questions – we just want to have fun and encourage each other.

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