The new year is soon to be upon us, and it is time to be thinking about our quilting preps for 2022. A few simple preparations will make quilting easier this winter.

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The easiest place to start is with what you and I already have on hand. Or should have on hand…

The prep list –

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  • Sewing machine: Is it working correctly? Are you comfortable using it? If it needs care, now is the time to get it fixed and running right.
  • Fabrics: I recommend having several yards of muslin or a solid you use frequently on hand. If you have some ideas for quilts to make next year, will you need to purchase more fabric? Or will you be working with your stash and/or scraps?
  • Batting: I have noticed that some brands and types seem to be hard to find over the past few months. I made sure that I have 3 for machine quilting, and one for hand quilting in my sewing room. They easily fit on top shelves or in the back of closets until needed.
  • Patterns or Books: Most of us have too many of these laying around. Have you marked any specific patterns for 2022 projects? Take some time to find a few you would really like to do this next year.
  • Thread: I recommend keeping some colors on hand all the time (white, black, navy, gray, and cream). If you are planning hand applique, then you will want thread that matches the colors in the project.
  • Rotary cutting blades: I suggest keeping at minimum 3 on hand at all times. I would rather have a couple extra on hand then run out. That would mean I would have to either stop or make a run to the store (and with my time schedule, neither of these are good options).
  • Misc. supplies: This can include seam rippers, rulers, specialty items, bobbins, machine needles, hand needles, interfacing, etc.
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Why Prepare?

None of us know what the future will hold for getting the supplies we need to make a particular quilt project. This year has been strange, both weather-wise and with the supply issues. Much of our quilting supplies come from overseas and there seems to be many concerns about how the store shelves will look in the next few months or year.

I personally made a simple list of projects I wanted to work on, and the supplies I would need to do these. Most of the items I have on hand. However, it will not hurt to get more sewing machine needles, more thread in neutral colors, and more rotary blades.

Here is another post about quilting prep for winter.

Handy Non-quilting supplies to have on hand too –

As we head into flu season and winter weather, there are some items I buy a few extra of and keep on hand. Who knows if I will be home from work for a few days because of illness or weather? Neither of those are a good time to go to a store.

Just in case supplies suggestions:

Just in case supplies
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  • Canned soups in favorite flavors
  • Cold medicines
  • Bottled juice
  • Vitamins


Winter will be here soon. It really does not matter where you live, having a few extra supplies on hand just in-case of bad weather or illness will make your life and quilting much easier.

Happy Quilting.



8 thoughts on “QUILTING PREPS FOR 2022

  1. Thank you for the suggestions in this post. Here in NC some sewing supplies are getting hard to find – this is a good reminder of some items I need to stock up on. Kind regards!!

    1. Yes, some sewing supplies are in short supply here in Indiana too. I will be making a trip to town next week with a list for the coming few months. Two of the items are sewing machine needles and certain colored thread. It is helpful to have a few extras on hand “just in case”.

  2. You’ve made some good points here. Thank you for giving a list of good supplies to have on hand for quilting. I am reading thru your posts as I can, and I am excited by what I am reading. I have made several quilts over the years but got discouraged by all the time tied up in making fancier patterns. I really, really love your beautiful simple quilts. You have given me ideas for the next several quilts. Thanks so much for blogging about your quilts. I subscribed and am excited about your upcoming posts.

    1. Wow, you have no idea how encouraging your comment is to me. Thank you so much. And thank you for subscribing. Happy quilting.

  3. I will just book mark this blog. Love your style of writing and that you know what you are doing but seem so down to earth. Thanks for caring about beginner quilters enough to blog about making easy fabulous quilts.

  4. I absolutely love this list. You are so prepared to quilt! Thanks for encouraging me to be more prepared about my quilting supplies.

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