Quilting, Relaxation, and Used Books

Quilting, Relaxation, and Used Books

09/2021 Perkins Cove, ME - Quilting, Relaxation, and Used Books
09/2021 Perkins Cove, ME

People ask me what I do while in Maine each year on vacation. Well truthfully – not a lot. When the kids were home, vacations involved activities and places the kids would enjoy. However, now that vacation is solo, my vacation is about quilting, relaxation, and used books.

Before the question comes up “why do you vacation solo?”, let me answer it. Hubby does not like to travel anymore, and I still do. So he enjoys the quiet time at home to work on his own projects while I go on vacation. It works well for both of us, and gives us both much needed quiet time.

Quilting Projects during vacation:

This year has been a bust when it comes to quilting projects. The first six months were spent recouping from a shoulder injury. Then in July I injured my wrist and was in a brace for several weeks. Injuries like this seriously interfere with anything quilting, especially when it is the dominate arm.

So this vacation I packed fabrics for a few simple wall hangings, and already cut pieces to work on components of other quilts. Actually, I feel like the time was well spent.

Four Freedoms by Norman Rockwell
9/2021 – The size now is 29.5″. The four center blocks is a panel of painting by Norman Rockwell named “Four Freedoms”
Quilting, Relaxation, and Used Books
9/2021 – Another fabric panel with borders I added. Size: 31″ x 50″.
This fun spool fabric looks a lot like my spool drawer at home.
9/2021 – This fun spool fabric looks a lot like my spool drawer at home. Size: 41.5″ square.

Component parts for other quilts:

This bag of several hundred 3″ squares turned into a pile of 100 nine patch blocks.

Quilting, Relaxation, and Used Books
9/2021: 3″ squares from scraps
100 nine patch blocks
100 nine patch blocks

An uncounted pile of “fallish” looking HST turned into many Flying Geese.

Completed Flying Geese
Completed Flying Geese
Finished size: 4.5" x 8.5"
Finished size: 4.5″ x 8.5″

These red, white, and blue HST and squares will eventually become small Friendship Stars.

Red and white HST
Red and white HST
Blue and white HST and squares
Blue and white HST and squares
Quilting, Relaxation, and Used Books
More parts for Friendships Stars

And 2 other projects:

Pumpkin Spice has been in the works for several years. It has become one of my more ignored projects. I like to applique, but it is time consuming to prep for. However, I got three plus part of another pumpkin hand appliqued over vacation. I may or may not decide to add some leaves.

Pumpkin Spice wall hanging
Pumpkin Spice wall hanging

I love to do counted cross stitch, but it is time consuming which hinders me from doing much of it. Plus I have to work totally uninterrupted so I don’t loose count. But my evenings in the hotel on the coast were perfect for this.

Quilting, Relaxation, and Used Books
Maine sampler

Quilting, Relaxation, and Used Books

My vacations would not be complete without spending time (and $$) getting used books. Or reading and enjoying time by the ocean and lighthouses. After all, my vacation is all about quilting, relaxation, and used books.

Quilting, Relaxation, and Used Books
9/2021 – Riding the ferry away from Isleboro
Quilting, Relaxation, and Used Books
9/2021 – One small area of Two Brothers Books, Freeport, ME

I work hard for 50 weeks a year to have two weeks to relax, and just enjoy a slower and no stress time. Maybe my vacation does not appeal to many others, that is ok. But I really do think some down time in our busy, stressful world is good for all of us.

And yes, I did hit several used books stores this year. I ended up mailing home two boxes of books. Mailing books is cheap, and why should I hassle around with the weight and space constraints? It is less stress to just send them.

Quilters, please take some time to just do quilting and relaxing. And if you happen to see me in a used book store, hopefully we will be finding some fun quilting (and other topic books) that appeal to us.

Quilting, Relaxation, and Used Books
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8 thoughts on “Quilting, Relaxation, and Used Books

  1. U have a very wicked good quilt blog. Very “user friendly”. Lots of ideas.

    I live within an hour of this used bookstore and visit it lots. Too funny that you shop there too. Maybe we should plan to meet there this fall?

    1. I am so glad you like this quilt blog. Thank you for taking time to read it. Hopefully you will find some quilts to make for yourself.

      This bookstore is a great place. Thank you for wanting to meet there, but I don’t do any kind of scheduling when I am in Maine – I am “not on the clock” at all. My phone doesn’t work up there due to reception issues either (plus Maine is not an AT&T place). I am so unscheduled that the hotel folks tell me the day before I fly home so I know to pack. Yes, I really am that relaxed.

  2. Awesome quilt website. Another quilter shared your blog link with me, and I have started with the first post and am reading them forward. Great content. Thank you for sharing.

    I have been in this bookstore many times and have found many treasures there. It is really cool that you come to Maine every year to relax and quilt.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. So glad you are enjoying all the posts. Yes, that is a wonderful bookstore, and there are a lot of treasures there. Maine does seem to have fantastic used bookstores. Maybe it is the long winter? Anyway, happy quilting.

  3. I found this blog yesterday and wanted you to know that you have gained a new reader. Wow, so many fresh ideas for ways to use my scrap stash.

  4. I see fun projects in your future using the quilt parts you did over your vacation.

    How wonderful for you that you can take a vacation by yourself. I am still at the kid stage, but I am so looking forward to a quiet vacation by myself.

    1. Fun projects are always a good thing 🙂

      I remember the kid days and quiet time was at a premium. Your time for quiet vacations will come too. Enjoy the memories you are making now.

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