Last week I had a chance to combine work and a road trip for fabric !!! I was in Washington, IN for the day. Instead of eating lunch I made a fast trip into the Stitching Post for some fabric I had already perused on the website for a planned project. See here:

Road Trip for Fabric - The Stitching Post

I haven’t been anywhere close to this store in a year or two. It has been here many years and always has an outstanding amount and variety of quilting fabric. If you are in the area, it is a great place to shop for fabric.

I like the wooden quilt squares on the outside too.

Wooden quilt square on outside of building.
Another wooden quilt square
Wooden quilt square

But you ask, “why were you there? You have made 2020 a year to work in scraps.”

Why? I saw some photos of several quilts I did 10-15 years ago that were super simple but had a definite theme. And thought it would be fun to make something to do with sewing /quilting in that pattern. The stash did not have enough of any themed fabric to do a planned quilt. Oh the distress…….

By looking at the website ahead of time, I knew the store had fabric that would work perfectly for what I had in mind. Even better the fabric I wanted had been moved to the sale room.

Road Trip for Fabric - the final purchases.

I purchased two yards of the burgundy fabric with the sewing supplies, and one yard each of the other three in the photo. I have plenty of solid black, solid burgundy, and a small print grey in my stash that will be worked into the design.

Road trips and buying fabric – quilters they go together so well.

Happy stitching today.

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5 thoughts on “ROAD TRIP FOR FABRIC

    1. This trip was just a nice way to get out and enjoy being outside and getting to see my quilts. New surroundings make them look different. Anyway, I will probably do this again in the spring with a different batch of quilts. Right now there are several inches of snow on the ground and I am content to quilt by the wood stove 🙂

  1. Love doing road trips for fabric. Discover all kinds of sights and great shopping places for fabric.

    Keep telling us about your happy jaunts and showing off your quilts.

    1. Hi April,

      There is just something about road trips, quilts, and fabric buying!

      For the moment, the trips are on hold, but hopefully both of us are having a great time using the fabric we bought on the last road trip to make great quilts. I am having a great time at home making quilts and finishing UFOs.


  2. Good for you getting to combine work and play. I’ve been to that store and it is wonderful. Can’t wait to see what you came up with for those fabrics.

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