Scraps, scraps and more scraps. Do your scraps seem to multiply without much help from you? Maybe while you are sleeping? It sure seems that way in my sewing area. Welcome to the super simple Scrap Rectangle Party Quilt !!

Here’s the inspiration from Pintrest for my own quilt:

Inspiration from Pintrest for Scrap Rectangle Party quilt
Inspiration for my quilt – from Pintrest

I liked the look of the gray on the inspiration quilt as the alternate blocks between the scraps. My stash had several yards of a gray with white polka dots so that became the alternate blocks and the stable color all through the quilt.

The rectangles:

I decided to work with a larger size rectangle. After cutting and experimenting with several various sizes of rectangles, I decided on 4″ wide by 7″ long. It was an easy to piece top that was also quick.

Container of rectangles for this quilt.

The scraps were pulled out of the scrap bins and cut to size. I did not use anything that blended in with the gray, but otherwise, the scraps were fair game.

I sewed the blocks together long wise into pairs, those pairs into groups of 4 rectangles , and those into 8. Using 24 blocks across made for easy math with 3 sections of 8 rectangles each.

Another view of the Scrap Rectangle Party quilt.

The rows were 24 blocks across with a total of 16 rows. Now to frame it with some sort of border.


My daughter came over and between us we came up with the narrow black border (cut 2″ wide). We found the tough part was the outside border, nothing seemed to really work – more gray made the quilt too dark. There was not enough of any florals that looked right. I didn’t have enough of the solid purple that looked really neat.

Am I the only one frustrated with finding the perfect border fabric for scrap quilts? Somehow I doubt it. Anyway, daughter and I continued to dig through the stash and came up with a fun novelty fabric that was perfect. Cut a 4″ border from it for the outside border.

Border fabric for this quilt.

This really was a quick quilt to make. I started ironing and cutting on July 4 and put the final stitch in the top on Aug. 3.

Remember that you can adjust the size of the rectangles bigger or smaller depending on your own fabrics and desire. This quilt will be easy to piece no matter the size of the rectangles or completed size you want. Depending on the fabric choices, it could look totally primitive to very modern.

I am actually going to try another one of these in a planned color scheme.

Finished top size is 92″ x 110″.

Border area of this quilt.

Have a fun time making your own Scrap Rectangle Party quilt. Please send me photos – I love to see what other quilters do with ideas from this blog.


More scrap quilt ideas:

Have a wonderful day, and happy stitching.

Girl with sewing machine and quilt top.
Source: Google clip art



  1. I have been exploring the web a bit for quilt blogs. My first time here and wow am I impressed. Lots here that I can use or learn from. Do you teach classes? If not, I have a feeling you should because it seems you really know your quilting stuff. Subscribed. BTW, I love this quilt.

    1. I am really glad you are liking my quilt blog. I try to share whatever quilt I am working on or have recently completed plus tips, or books, or quotes, etc. Whatever strikes my fancy that I think the readers will also enjoy or be able to use. No, I don’t teach quilting classes – my time is very limited due to my job. I try to make my quilt posts easy to follow for any who want to do a similar quilt. Thanks for subscribing.

  2. You make quilting look so easy. I have looked at many quilt blogs, but I really like yours and keep coming back to it for ideas. Thanx so much.

  3. Hi – I have to tell you how much I enjoy this blog. I am reading each post and have even gone back to your old blog to see most inspiring quilts and tips. Thank you for all the time you put into this to share with not so experienced quilters. My very first quilt was not well received by a “quilt nazi” in the quilt guild and I got really discouraged and did not make any quilts for a couple years – didn’t think I could. Then a friend showed me your blog and I have made two simple quilts based on your ideas. What fun!! Thank you so much.

    1. You have no idea how much your kind words inspire me to keep sharing my quilting and sometimes crazy quilt world. So glad you did not let the “quilt nazi” keep you down. Believe me, those negative folks are in every quilt guild. Just smile and go your own way. Your quilts should make you happy. Enjoy your quilt journey.

      Happy quilting.

  4. I was online more than three hours over the weekend trying to find the “perfect” quilt pattern that would be easy, quick, and allow me to use scraps. I love this quilt. And your directions are simple and easy to follow. I was able to cut out enough rectangles to make a queen size quilt in 6 hours. Ok, it take a few hours to sort through the scraps first and get them ironed. But still, not a tough project at all. Looking forward to getting it sewn together and to the machine quilter. I am hoping to have a new quilt on the bed for my own gift by Christmas. Thanks again so much.

    1. It is always satisfying and exciting to be able to do a quilt top quickly. So glad the directions were easy for you to follow.

      Nice gift for your own Christmas.

      Happy quilting.

  5. Thanks for sharing this good idea. Nice change to work with rectangles, instead of squares or triangles. I have tons of scraps and think this will make a nice quilt in greens and blues.

    1. You are very welcome – glad the idea is useful to you.

      I think a green and blue quilt would be pretty.

      Happy quilting.

  6. I read this post and thought what a great idea to use up some scraps. I am going to use purple instead of gray like you did, but otherwise scraps cut the same size.

    Thanks for the idea and taking time to share.

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