Scrap Snowballs

Here is another project that started during the COVID lockdown. The scrap snowball pattern can be found here.

I have been cleaning and reorganizing my sewing room during July and discovered several more plastic shoeboxes of quilt pieces that were cut during the 2020 lockdowns. I had 3 shoeboxes of pieces for making snowball blocks. It seemed like a good time to finish another UFO.

There was no color scheme apparently, just a wide variety of scraps. And lots of white or cream colored 2.5″ squares that are the corners of the blocks for this quilt. I do not usually use much white in quilts, but I was trying to utilize what I had on hand.

Making the Scrap Snowball quilt

How did I piece this top in 3 weeks? Since it has been too hot to work outside in the evening here for the last couple weeks, I put in old movies. While enjoying those, I drew diagonal pencil lines on the 2.5″ squares for sewing on the corners. I marked 896 of those little squares.

2 corners sewn on
2 corners sewn on.

For making 224 snowball blocks, I needed 896 corner squares. I decided on rows that were 14 blocks long. And I made 16 of those rows.

The first 4 rows of the Scrap Snowball sewn together.
4 rows sewn together.

To break up the blocks, every 4 rows I added a 2.5″ white sashing.

Completed quilt top

It looks different than I envisioned, but I like it. And the top is done. Oh, happy dance!!

Finished size: 104″ long x 92″ wide.

Here is another Snowball quilt that I made a few years ago. This one is more traditional looking since it does not have the sashing in it. However, the same pattern and number of pieces and blocks is the same.

This scrap snowball pattern is basic and could be done by a beginner or intermediate quilter. It takes more time to mark the corner blocks than to sew the rest of the top together.

Suggestion: The corners match up better when sewing into rows if you sew right next to the line. Sewing on the line seems to make the pieces not match the way they should. I asked another quilter who is doing a snowball quilt, and she said she noticed the same thing.

Have fun with your quilting this week. If you have a UFO, maybe this is the time to finish it.

Happy Quilting.



2 thoughts on “SCRAP SNOWBALLS

  1. This post made me think I needed a Christmas themed snowball quilt. Using the red and green scraps. As always, you gave another great idea for using up those d**m scraps.

    1. A Christmas themed snowball quilt is a fun idea – maybe I will make one too. As for the scraps, they just seem to grow in the bins, not shrink. I have even resorted to giving the scraps to other quilters, but there is always full bins. I think the scraps have “scrap” babies 🙂

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