Scrappy Tumblers Quilt completed top.

Are you looking for a simple pattern that can be done in any color combo? What about using lots of scraps? How about easy to put together? This Scrappy Tumblers quilt is the answer to all those questions.

I have been working on another tumbler quilt from scraps that will look totally different (hint: look at the very bottom of this post for current photo). Anyway, I went looking for photos of the Scrappy Tumblers quilt to share with you since it is easy, looks great in scraps, and is an easy one piece design to make.

Scrap tumblers cut out and ready to sew together.

I started this quilt back in 2015 as a way to try to empty out the scrap bin. I originally sewed all the tumblers together…..and just stopped. There was no where for my eyes to rest, and it made me a bit dizzy to look at it. I had no idea what to do to make it better. Disappointed, I folded it up and put it in the stack of UFOs (unfinished objects).

Scrappy Tumbler Quilt - how the tumblers look all sewn together with no resting spot for the eyes.

Then in the spring of 2016, I was in a quilt shop that had a tumbler quilt on display and I loved it. The only real difference between the one in the store, and mine was there were narrow white borders between sections of the tumblers. It made all the difference – there was a place to rest my eyes.

Going home, I took the rows apart and added the narrow brown strips to make three sections. Yes, such an easy solution. During June and July of 2016, I sewed on and completed the wall hanging top.


Here is a PDF of the actual size tumbler pattern I use for the Scrappy Tumblers quilt. It is also the same one I am using for my current project, Scrap Happy Tumblers.


To make the Scrappy Tumblers quilt I cut tumblers from scrap fabric. I just starting cutting up scraps meaning I did not count. The easiest thing I found was to iron the fabric, then stack it up 4 – 6 layers thick with the lightest color on top right side down. I traced around the pattern on the back of fabric on top of the stack. Cut out using ruler and rotary cutter.

Obviously, this could also be cut one at a time with scissors if so desired.

The brown cotton sateen fabric that is between the sections of tumblers is 2.5″ wide. The outside border is 4″ wide.

The finished size of the wall hanging is 56″ x 54″.

It was machine quilted in Dec. 2017 by RLM in a all-over stipple design. I chose to not hand quilt it for two reasons: I was ready to move onto another project, and I didn’t want to deal with all those seams when quilting.

I put the binding, hanging sleeve, and label on in Jan. 2018.

Scrappy Tumblers quilt finished.

I found this really neat Thanksgiving toile in Paducah one year and used it for the backing.

A Thanksgiving or autumn themed toile fabric is the back.


This quilt is a super easy way to use up scraps. It also goes together easily. Best of all is that the finished size can be adjusted to your wants by using more or less tumblers and sashing between the sections.

Have fun with this simple project.

Other ideas for using tumbler pieces to build a quilt:

And here is a photo of my newest tumbler quilt. I have used all the cut tumblers so will have to cut more before I go on. It is currently about 3/4 of a twin size quilt.

Another setting for tumblers. Rows alternating tumblers and a solid fabric.



  1. Good day! I’m definitely happy I stumbled upon this quilt blog, and I’ll bookmark it and check back frequently! Great stuff here.

  2. Great post! Tumblers are my favorite shape to make quilts with. Thank you for sharing this quilt with your readers.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful writeup about this quilt. I have been looking for something to do with a stack of tumbler pieces I inherited from grandma. I thought they would be really tough to work with, but after reading this post I got busy sewing them together. Super super easy. Thanks so much for the directions and encouragement.

    1. I hope you share photos for the gallery when you are done with this quilt. I’m excited for you – it is fun to be able to do a project that seemed hard, but actually is easy.

      Happy Quilting.

  4. Great website! A friend shared it with me, and I have been reading the posts starting with the first one. I even have been reading and looking at your old blog. Wow, so much creativity. Do you do other handwork besides quilting?? It seems like being so creative it should go to other areas beyond quilting.

    1. I’m glad you like both quilt blogs. There sure is alot of info to be had on both.

      Besides quilting, I do counted cross stitch and garden.

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