I found this drawing on Pintrest and thought it would be an easy way to use up some more of the scraps. There were no measurements with the drawing so I could make up my own. I named the pattern “Simply Square Frolic” because it seemed to fit – at least in my mind.

I already had a box of 3″ squares cut out and so this is a way to use them. The 3″ scrap squares are sewn into rows of 6 squares (5 rows) with 1.25″ strips between the rows of squares would make a 16″ block. I decided to do mine in red, blue, and beige squares with solid white strips between the rows.

Red 3" squares
3″ red squares
Blue 3" squares
3″ blue squares
White 1.25" strips
1.25″ white strips

The blocks go together easily and it is really nice to find a use for more scraps. I have decided to make a total of 12 blocks (3 rows wide x 4 rows long) which will fit nicely on the wall in my dining room.

3 rows of 3" blocks sewn together  without the white strips.
Three rows sewn together

Here are two completed blocks sewn together. It’s always great when the math works and the blocks fit!

Two completed blocks sewn together - SIMPLY SQUARE FROLIC

For now, this wall hanging top is set aside to complete another project. With all the seams, it will definitely be machine quilted.

I can see this pattern “Simply Square Frolic” working for other color combinations or even just total scrap.

Some other ideas for easy quilts that use squares:


10 thoughts on “SIMPLY SQUARE FROLIC

  1. What a wonderful idea for using up some more scraps. I have saved my scraps for years intending to make some scrap quilts. But the scraps piled up and nothing was ever made from them. I would buy new fabric and make some other “planned” quilt which just added more scraps to my piles.

    Then I discovered your blog! Hallelujah!! Not only do you enjoy scraps, you seem to just “wallow” in the joy of making scrap quilts. You challenge yourself to use the scraps on hand. I bet you are one of those crazy quilting people that even trade scraps with other like minded quilters 🙂

    So I have been reading you regularly for the past year. In the time, I just decided to “just do it” and made 12 bed quilt tops – only from the scraps on hand. My scrap stash has dropped some, and I have had so much fun. Quilting HAD become just following one fad to another with expensive fabrics and gadgets – then I found this blog. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for encouraging this old quilter to do something new.

    Keep inspiring and encouraging quilters of all ages and levels. We need to see the beauty of simple quilts. Even more than that, we need to be reminded that thinking outside the quilting box and making each quilt our own is good for the soul.

    1. Wow and wow! I am not even sure how to respond to this comment, except to say thank you so much for encouraging me to just keep doing what I am doing when it comes to quilts and quilting.

      I love quilting – every single part of it. I think that is what people see in my quilts – love and passion for what I am making.

      I am working on putting a reader gallery of quilts on this blog, and would love to share photos of some of your quilts.

      Thank you again. Happy quilting.

  2. Great post! I am already cutting squares (2″) from my scrap bin to make a similar quilt to this one. Great idea and so easy to do but will keep me busy for several weeks – lots of squares you know. Keep those ideas coming.

    1. I am really sure that my scrap bins just keep adding more while I sleep – the level in the bins never drops. This quilt was easy and it could be done in any colors or even bigger squares. Have fun making yourself one. Happy quilting.

  3. I keep coming back to this post. What a great quilt. I could do this with my own scraps. I really like that you take simple designs or ideas and make beautiful quilts from those. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Of coarse you can do this with your own scraps. Easy and beautiful – makes for a fun quilt to piece. Happy quilting.

  4. Nice blog. Thanks for sharing quilting ideas that are do-able by a beginner quilter. I love this quilt and have plenty of scraps from my own and mom’s projects to make this. Beautiful.

    1. So glad you found a design to use to make a quilt for yourself. This is an easy design and the size can be adjusted to whatever size will work for you. Happy quilting.

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