All of us have rough days or weeks. It is nice to take a few minutes to be light-hearted and just grin and/or chuckle. I found these fun memes and pictures on either Pinterest or Bing clip art. Enjoy these smiles for quilters.

Smiles for Quilters:

Smiles for Quilters

Sewing bobbinless
Going to do some quilting
Stay inside and quilt
Pet the fabric
Smiles for Quilters

Smiles for all of us:

Don't take life seriously

And Finally:

Smiles for Quilters
Looking for more sayings like these – go here.

Life is stressful, and sometimes not very fun. I think most of us have reached the limit of our tolerance for the news, politicians of all types, food and gas prices, and the stupidity we see around us daily.

Take some time out and enjoy life. Find joy in the small things.

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