I admit it – I like cheater blocks and novelty fabric panels. They can make quick and easy projects. And so Stars in Pink and Green was born.

Back in the 1990’s I had six of these really attractive looking stars in pink, but I was stumped with what to do with them. They were pretty and feminine, but once home the question was “now what?”

One of those aw-ha moments, and digging through the stash produced the answer. I found a coordinating print and soft green solid.

Easy assembly

I cut the blocks apart so that I had 6 individual star blocks.

Star "cheater" block

I cut the green solid into 4″ wide strips. Sewing two blocks together with a green strip between was easy and quick.

Iron all the seams flat.

Next I sewed the long strips down each side of the blocks from above.

Iron the seams I just sewed flat. Ironing really does make the quilt fit together better. It will look nicer too.

I cut the outside border 8″ wide from the print fabric, and sewed it to the blocks.

At that point, I had about two hours total into the quilt top.

That was in 1997. I hung the top up neatly on a hanger in the closet with the backing fabric. And moved on to the next project.

The top was re-discovered in November 1999. It would make a great Christmas gift for the daughter. Off to MG for machine quilting and binding. The machine quilting design was looping and simple.

Finished size of Stars in Pink and Green is 54″ x 78″ – perfect for her twin bed. It is looking rather worn these days, but now the gr-daughter is enjoying it.

Suggestions for you

As you shop for fabrics, look for cheater blocks or panels. They really are fun to work with and can be made into an easy and fast pieced quilt.

Or take several of different sizes and make them into a single top. Various size borders of coordinating fabrics will make it visually interesting. Yes, some serious measuring may be required, but it is well worth the results.

Happy quilting.


8 thoughts on “STARS IN PINK AND GREEN

  1. The more I read through the posts on this quilt blog, the more I keep coming back to it. What great ideas, and very do-able for a beginner quilter. And you are so encouraging. I know you say in the FAQ that you don’t teach quilt classes, but I sure wish you would consider it. I think you would make a class super fun.

    1. I am so very glad that you are finding this quilt blog useful for your own quilting. Remember that beautiful quilts do not have to be complicated.

      Thanks for asking about me teaching quilting classes. At this time, my work schedule is extremely busy, plus teaching a room full of quilters is just way out of my comfort range. I have to be an extrovert at work. However, the real me is an introvert.

  2. Fantastic blog! Reading your blog is so refreshing. You are not re-hashing the same old quilting ideas. I love that you look at a pattern, and then re-think it, and work with what you have on hand to make it your own. I can’t even begin to be as creative as you, but you have encouraged me to look at patterns and my own fabrics differently.

    After reading this post, I used 2 sets of cheater blocks from my stash to make quilts for my young nieces for this coming Christmas. Simple, feminine, and beautiful.

    Thank you so much for sharing and encouraging quilters that have gotten stuck in a certain mind set about quilts and quilting.

    1. Wow what kind and encouraging words back to me. Thank you so much. I love that readers are thinking fresh thoughts about quilting, and then following through to make quilts that satisfy them.

      Quilts will mean so much more to both the maker and user of a quilt if the maker is enjoying the process of each quilt.

      Happy Quilting.

  3. This is a new idea to me. I do not buy cheater squares, but I was given some last Christmas and had no idea what to do with them. Thank you so much for the simple and pretty quilt idea.

    1. Thank you for subscribing to my quilt blog. Hopefully, you will find many more new ideas here. Happy quilting.

  4. You have the most ideas I have ever seen for how to make beautiful quilts from simple patterns and items like these cheater blocks. You truly are a textile artist.

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