This week has been really out-of-sorts…maybe just flat out weird. I am not a person to continually have the news on anytime nor do I live on social media. My thing is to be able to see something accomplished at the end of the day – yep, I am a visual kind of person. In my mind I titled today “Staying Busy Thursday”.

I am admitting that I did not take photos today as I worked on items.

I am also going to admit that I did not wear a mask today. It’s ok if you gasp or think me a fool. I took today off, and spent it with another quilter who just wanted company that spoke “the same language” meaning we mostly talked quilts.

We set up tables at her place several feet apart. She had her machine and tools, and I had mine. We each worked on our own projects and ate our own packed lunches.

The point of this was to work on our own projects while visiting and just enjoying being with another quilter.

It was a nice day. We did not listen to the news, but we did talk quilts.

My quilt project goals for today:

My goals included completing three different projects that were at three different places in their making.

The first goal is to sew together three foot of piano key border and attach it to the quilt. Complete (and more scraps used too).

Staying Busy on Thursday - this is Scrap Bonanza 1.
Scrap Bonanza 1 – photo taken 03/20/2020

The second goal is to put together a wall hanging top of 8″ HST that was cut out. I want something simple that uses up some more blue and brown scraps. Done with the HST being sewn together, however, I forgot the border fabric at home so the top is not complete yet.

Wall hanging of HST
Un-named as yet – photo taken 03/20/2020

The third goal is to add sashing and posts to 16 blocks that are made up of 3″ squares. I have the final sashing and post row to add to the top. I am still unsure what to do about an outside border.

Staying Busy Thursday - Simply Squares
Simply Squares – idea was from Pintrest – photo taken 03/20/2020

So in six hours of sewing we worked on projects, discussed fabrics and quilts we wanted to make, and enjoyed the quiet when we were in between topics. No music, no panic, and no news. We were just enjoying sewing.

My point for other quilters is simply this while staying busy Thursday 03/19/2020:

  1. Check on other quilters that you know. Some may be fine, but others may need something simple that you can provide.
  2. Keep busy with your quilting or other projects on your list. It’s super easy to get depressed if you spend the day listening to the news or other people complain on social media. Instead stay busy. Having something to do helps all of us have a better attitude.

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