Strip Quilt

I started this strip quilt in 2019 as a project to use as a hand quilting demo. Finally, it is finished! Oh, happy dance!

The Strip Quilt

To read about how this quilt started, go here.

The strip quilt took almost 4 years to complete. But in all fairness, it only got worked on a few hours a month over each year April through October. Then it was put away until the next year. After all, I had other quilts to work on at home.

At historical demo

Did I mention that this quilt is a cheater? Well, the center is. I added the thin blue border, and the outside red border.

Here is another idea for using cheater blocks or fabric panels to make a quilt.

Note: The quilt frame in the above photo was made by the carpenter at the “village” so I could use it there. It was so nice not to have to bring my own quilt frame.

Thank you again sir for making this wonderful frame.

Strip Quilt backing

The backing (above) is an old looking floral and leaf fabric. It just seemed to go with the top.

The hand quilting is simply going around the tree parts, and along the various borders.

Tree blocks

The batting is a cotton blend, and I was quickly reminded of why I hand quilt with wool. In the summer in Indiana the humidity is very high. And the cotton sticks to the needle. Not a pleasant way to quilt.

Few people realized that the top is cheater fabric. The compliments on my piecing abilities were many. I just smiled and thanked them. Those who realized it was cheater fabric complimented me on the quilting. Ok, it makes for a pleasant experience overall.

Finished strip quilt

The binding is made from a brownish gray linen. I think it looks really good as a frame around the quilt.

Finished size is 42″ x 54″.

The moral of the strip quilt

The moral to the story is just keep working on those projects that take longer than we ever planned on. Finish them and show them off.

Enjoy the quilting journey. Happy Quilting.


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