Left-overs, left-overs…..what to do? I tend to cut out quilt pieces and not seriously count, which can and frequently does mean there are left-over pieces after a quilt is finished. That is how Sunny Tuscany 4 Patch Quilt happened.


I cut many, many 4″ squares from blues and yellows to make French Country Life. When it was completed, I had stacks of blue and yellow squares left-over.

Quilters are great at recycling, re-using, or re-purposing to complete our quilts.

Making this easy and beautiful quilt:

Starting with the 4″ squares, I sewed them into four patch blocks (2 blues and 2 yellows.

Yellow and blue four patches with sashing and post.

The red strips are 2.5″ and the posts are 2.5″ blue blocks.

I surrounded the completed blocks and red sashing with a narrow (2.5″ ?) dark blue and black checked border. Then a 4″ floral border to complete.

two borders: blue checked and yellow floral.

Basically the quilt top was half cut out with all the 4″ blocks on hand, so I only had to cut the sashing, posts, and borders.

It went together quick and easy.

The backing is a black and white floral print that I had yards and yards of and wanted to use.

Backing of Sunny Tuscany 4 Patch Quilt

The binding was a dark blue with small white print design. I use 2.5″ cut, which means 1.25″ binding once it is ironed in half and sewn onto the front of the quilt. I hand sewed it down on the back of the quilt.

RLM machine quilted it in a swirly design.

Finished size of the Sunny Tuscany 4 Patch quilt is 88″ x 88″.

Other 4 Patch ideas:

This would be an easy quilt to make with the squares a different size (larger or smaller). It could also be done by using strips sewn together and then cut into squares.

The sashing and borders could also be adjusted in width to suit you.

Explore, be creative, and have fun with your four patch quilt project.



    1. Thank you so much for the kind words.

      The older and more experienced I get, the more I believe that less is more. As you say, “simple can be so classy”.

  1. Such simple design and such a beautiful quilt. And you supplied the easy directions to make it. Thank you so much. Have a great day.

  2. I love this quilt blog. Ideas, tips, and great photos. I love scrap quilts and you come up with so many ways to use scraps. I keep coming back to this post – fabulous colors and idea. One like this is next on my list of quilts to make. Keep up the wonderful work.

    1. I am so happy you are enjoying this blog. Yes, I do love scrap quilts too. Have fun making a quilt like this one. Easy and beautiful – can’t ask for more when piecing a quilt. Happy quilting.

  3. I truly appreciate this post especially, but the whole blog is great. You have made my day! Now I have a use for all those squares that were left over from another project. Thanks.

  4. I love how you can take the simplest of traditional patterns and make them so beautiful. Your creative spirit amazes me.

    I saw this quilt top in pieces and then completed. We looked at it and you explained all the steps and helped me sew a similar one.

    Where do all those endless ideas for quilts come from? You have a bottomless amount of ideas for colors and designs. You are fearless when it comes to quilting and that you just do what you like. The “quilt nazi” have no hold over you. If only I could be so joyous with my quilting.

    Thanks lots for being such an great source of quilting knowledge and most of all for making it easy.

    1. You are so very welcome for all the assistance. Sometimes we just need someone to bounce quilting ideas off of.

      I have no idea where all the quilt ideas come from – they just rattle around in my head.

      No the quilt police (quilt nazis) do not have any hold over me. As a beginner quilter my feelings got hurt a lot by older, more experienced quilters who said I should do things a certain way. Grandma asked me if I was quilting for them or me. After that, I did (and still do) what appeals to me. Are the finished quilts always beautiful? Absolutely not. But in general I am happy with them.

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