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Have you noticed that the shipping issues in the news are affecting sewing and quilting supplies that all of us need? Over the past several weeks, I have had conversations with other quilters and textile folks. Many of them are frustrated with the supply challenges affecting textiles.

As a quilter, I have seen the steady increase in my cost for fabric, thread, and rotary blades over the past few years.

It is frustrating. It plays havoc on my budget. Are you in the same boat?

Last week I made a stop at the local quilt shop. While the owner was cutting the fabric I picked out, I asked her if or how the shipping issues were affecting the shop. She said she had to markup fabric “a bit” to cover all the extra shipping expenses just to get supplies to the shop. She did not mention having to back order anything.

I am so tired of COVID being blamed for lack of supplies and poor customer service. Folks, it is time to move on and get back to life. I do not claim to understand all the politics, but I know this issue has been going on for too long.

As a textile person, I do understand that much of the cotton fabrics I use daily in quilts comes from faraway places like India and Bangladesh.

I really do understand that even in the best of times, fabric and supplies do not just appear in the stores for us to purchase.


What can we as quilters do to help ourselves?

First, think about the quilt projects you are working on or are planning. Make a list.

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Then go thru the supplies you have on hand. Really go through your stash.

Do you need more thread? Or maybe you need very specific thread colors?

What about a certain color or design of fabric?

Does the sewing machine need a tune-up?

What about needles? Hand or machine, or both?

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Do you need or want certain trims, or ribbon, or other extras for a project?

I personally noticed as I was writing this post that I need more batting. What about you?

There are also those little tools that we should keep on hand like seam rippers, various sizes and types of scissors, rulers, rotary cutters and extra blades.

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Once you have your list, it is time to get the items you want or need to fill in gaps in your supplies. I suggest stocking up now for the upcoming months. It appears that prices are only going to continue to go up – hard on budget for sure.

My suggestion to you and myself is make sure that we have the supplies we need to continue to work uninterrupted on our quilt projects. After all, the supply chain challenges should not be able to stop our quilt journey.

Happy Quilting.



  1. You have brought up a good points about how this supply issue garbage is affecting even a nice quiet hobby like quilting. Frankly, I am sick of the whole issue and how it is being blamed for all kinds of shortages. Too bad we don’t have real leadership in this country currently who will fix the issue instead of blaming everyone else. Ok, my rant is over and I am going back to quilt.

    1. Believe me Alice, I get your frustration. Retreating to your happy place is good for your mind and soul. Use your quilting skills to improve your own corner of the world. Make quilts for babies, veterans, or the homeless. Teach or mentor people interested in quilting. Keep a good mental attitude. Trust the Lord, he sees thru all this garbage and knows exactly what is happening. Hug your family. Take care of yourself.

  2. This is the proper weblog for anyone who wants to seek out information about quilts. You positively put a brand-new spin on a topic that has been written about for years. Nice stuff, just nice! Great ideas here too. Subscribed and can’t wait to read all the back posts.

    1. Thank you for the kind words and subscribing. I am so glad my love of quilting shines through into this blog. Happy quilting.

  3. As always, you come up with timely and helpful suggestions for quilters. Thank you for talking about current issues that affect our quilting and creativity.

    1. While most current events don’t have much to do with quilting, the supply chain issue sure does. You are welcome for the suggestions for quilters. Happy quilting.

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