Support your local quilt shop
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It is a fantastic privilege to have a local quilt shop in any area. Sure, they are more expensive than a box store, but so worth it. Better service, better quality fabric and other supplies, help and mentoring, and real classes. Plus, the money you spend there helps a local business help local residents. There are so many reasons to support your local quilt shop.


I live in rural central Indiana. Within an hour drive there are three super Walmart, two Hobby Lobby, and a super Jo-Ann. There are also two local quilt shops. If I am willing to drive to the Amish community 1.5 hours away there are two wonderful quilt shops.

I get it folks. Prices everywhere are going up and there is not much money for extras, including gasoline for the car.

But when it comes to local quilt stores, please support them. It does not cost much to purchase two or three fat quarters, or a couple spools of thread. What about a small batting? Or a new pattern. I am not saying spend money just to spend it, but there is bound to be something you can use that can be bought at your local fabric shop.

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Not only does shopping at a local quilt shop help a small business financially, but it encourages the folks who own it (and probably work in it). It also means that your local earned money helps within your own community.


I get it – sometimes I am already in Walmart getting what I can’t find locally. There is a small fabric selection. On rare occasions, I do buy a piece of fabric or some thread. In the US, one stop shopping is everywhere and when time is tight it can be a big help. But overall, I avoid box stores. Why? Because I want the small businesses in my area to stay. I can’t just say that. I have to help by spending money there.

Another place to get fabric is the local secondhand store (by whatever name it has in your area). Last week I stopped at the one here to see if I could find flat sheets to use as quilt backing. I bought nine king and queen size really nice flat sheets for $2.00 each. With tax it came to about $20. This is money well spent, plus as a frugal person it makes me feel good to save all that money I could have spent at a box store on new sheets.

Speaking of new sheets – 5 of the flat sheets were new and the other 4 were high thread count cotton sheets. I was, and still am, super excited about this purchase.


I have not really been shopping for much fabric over the last 2 or 3 years because I am trying to use my stash and scraps. However, I do go to local quilt shops every 4 – 6 weeks because I want them to stay in business. And if I am going to spend money on fabrics, I would rather get the best quality I can. So, I will get enough fabric for a border, or a new book, or some fat quarters that I can use in my current project.

I really do encourage you to shop locally for your fabric. Some of you can afford to buy several yards of fabric. Others only a fat quarter or two. All of it adds up to keep them in business. And as quilters we do whine if we don’t have a local fabric store close. Do your part and shop locally.

Support your local quilt shop
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