Books, books, books….3 more quilting books. I love having a personal library of books in general, but quilting books specifically especially when I suddenly have an idea or even need an idea for a quilt. Or a part of a quilt. It is very helpful when I want to check directions or look at color choices for a quilt.

Today I am going to share 3 more quilting books from my personal library.

I am currently working on 30 spool blocks from the anthology below. The patterns are easy and clear. In my case, this is another way to work some scraps into a quilt. The blocks are rectangle which gives a different look to the top too.

3 more quilting books

I used one of the pin wheel patterns from this book below as inspiration for my Prairie Windmills Quilt https://indianaquilter40.blogspot.com/2017/10/prairie-windmills.html The more I quilt, the more I enjoy working with triangles.

Quilt Book using triangles

And finally, a personal book that has seen much use is this one. It is full of ideas, good photos, and easy to use directions.

Quick and Easy Scrap Quilts

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Start your own personal quilt library. If you are not big on having actual books, then favorite on your computer good directions or helpful blogs that you can refer to when needed. I think of having good quilting books like having a good stash.

Sharing ideas is one of the greatest things about quilting.


Quilting Books for Tiny Scraps – I am not really sure how it happens, but I start with one shelf for quilting books and pretty soon they have taken over two. I recently decided that some weeding and/or organizing of these books was necessary. Doing this actually forces me to really look at the books – which can be a distraction because then I start thinking “I could do this quilt, or this one…….” And sometimes I even wonder what in the world I was thinking when I brought a book home.

Over the past 2 or 3 years, I have been trying to use up my scraps and also my stash.  These two books have wonderful patterns or ideas that I have based a couple scrap quilts on. They have patterns from easy to expert.  They are “keepers” for my personal library.

Another great book for small and tiny scraps.

I was asked how I get books with spiral bindings.  After purchasing, I take the books to the local copy shop. There they cut off the binding and put on this spiral binding.  I like my quilt books this way because they lay flat when I am working on a project.  The cost is very reasonable – generally about $2-3 each book.

I truly encourage quilters to collect quilt books that are helpful to you, whether it is techniques, patterns, or inspiration. There are so many wonderful quilting books out there to choose from. We don’t need all the books, but building our own reference library of books that help us as quilters is a great boost to our quilting journey.




THREE FAVORITE QUILTING BOOKS (in my personal library)

It’s fun to have some books or magazines on hand for those days you are struggling to get moving on a project, or are sick, or are just to tired to do any actual sewing.

I am always on the look out for books or magazines that have good patterns or ideas I can use to make a quilt. I encourage you to purchase a few books for your own personal library that you can use the patterns, or that inspire your quilting journey. Here are three of my favorite quilting books.

Books to inspire and encourage:

The Thimbleberries Guide For Weekend Quilters - great photos and easy to follow directions.
Great photos, and easy to follow directions. And if the project takes longer than the weekend, no problem.

The Thimbleberries Guide For Weekend Quilters by Lynette Jensen. A nice book and while I have not made a complete quilt from it, I have used pieces of several quilts to make other quilts. It’s fine to do that – I do not have to use an entire pattern and neither do you. Pick and choose what you like.

Back to Square One - One of my all time favorite quilt books.  Lots of ideas, photos, and directions.
One of my all times favorite quilt books – lots of ideas. Great photos and directions.

Back to Square One by Nancy Martin – I have used a couple patterns in this book and been very satisfied with the photos and directions. I love the versatility and infinite amount of ways there are to make a quilt from triangles, and this book covers many of them.

Classic English Medallion Style Quilts - a really nice book with good photos and directions.
Really nice book with good photos and directions.

Classic English Medallion Style Quilts by Bettina Havig. This is a wonderful resource for those of us who like old time English quilts – they have a look and style all their own.  This book contains greatl ideas, photos, and patterns.  I have not made an entire quilt for any of the patterns yet, but I have used parts in quilts of my own. My bucket list has two quilts from here to make before I die.

Magazines I subscribe to:

Obviously there are many quilting magazines available here in the USA and around the world. I have simply chosen these two as to subscribe to:



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Drawing of needle, thread, and spool.

Leave a comment —- So fellow quilters, what are some of your favorite quilt books or magazines? Why?

BOOKS ABOUT AMISH QUILTS (or a world of stunning colors)

I pick up good quality books on Amish quilting and quilts when I have the chance. Here are three from my personal collection. Even if there are no patterns there are wonderful photos, and in my head I start thinking about what fabrics in my own stash would lend themselves to making a quilt in the bright and bold patterns of the Amish community.

I love the contrast of colors on traditional Amish quilts – especially those from Lancaster County, PA. Plus the immense amount of hand quilting that went into them is simply amazing. I think these quilts were the start of my inspiration for doing, and loving the look and feel of hand quilting.