American Melting Pot lap quilt

AMERICAN MELTING POT: I found the fabric of eagles and flags, and just had to have it. However, I would really have to think about a quilt to go with this lovely fabric.

I finally pieced the top during 2008. The alternate blocks are a dark red brick print. The pieced blocks are a mix of left over shapes of fabric, so there are both “strings” and “crumbs”. I pieced this one to scrap paper for stability, then when I had a pile of them, would wet down the paper and remove. It’s actually a pretty easy process.

Close up of American Melting Pot blocks.

The inside darker blue border and the binding are the same fabric. The blue is similar in shade to the blue in the American flag.

American Melting pot 2 borders
The two borders

The machine quilting was done in 2009 by RLM. It is a swirly design. I used a printed sheet for the backing.

American Melting Pot - view of backing and machine quilting
Backing and machine quilting design

I complete the binding and tag in 2010. The binding is machine sewn down on the front, folded over to the back, and hand sewn down.

Binding and corner

I think of the pieced blocks as “crazy” blocks because of all the various shapes of fabric in them. As I was piecing American Melting Pot, I realized that those blocks are a lot like our country – lots of various people, languages, and cultures mixing together to make our great country.

American Melting Pot - backing and folded over front to show binding.

Our country is a country of immigrants and I am happy for any who choose to come here legally, work, and contribute to the USA.

Close up of block

Finished size is 72″ x 54″.

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