What do you do for a wedding gift for a cousin who waited forever while finding the right guy and has a complete house already?? Make a wedding quilt of course !! This wedding quilt was simple and personal and super easy to make.

Wedding Quilt (Simple & Personal)

Cousin and hubby like to do road trips on the motorcycle, so that was the theme I went with. It’s not like they got a duplicate of this. They loved it.

Finished size: 70″ square.

For this quilt I purchased a yard of the center fabric and cut it square (so about 34 – 35″).  I added 5 borders in various widths (2.5″ to 6″) that coordinated with the center fabric until it was the size I wanted. In this case I wanted a big lap quilt that my cousin and her new hubby could snuggle under on the couch or recliner.

I cut and pieced this quilt in one day while in Maine in Sept. 2015.

Machine quilted by RLM in an all over stipple design.

This wedding quilt could easily be made in any theme or size depending on the need or fabric available. This is a super easy way to make a personal quilt for that special person in your life.

PRAYERFUL LEADER (a George Washington Quilt)

Image of George Washington from $1 bill
Source: Shutterstock

This patriotic quilt started with one left over picture block of George Washington (who was known for being a prayerful leader) from another quilt and built out from there simply framing the center block with borders until it was the size I wanted for a large wall hanging for my living room. It can easily be adjusted to fit any size desired by simply shrinking or enlarging the border sizes.

Medallion quilt with George Washington in the center.

Super easy quilt to piece – I actually did it in a long day of sorting, cutting, and piecing. The center block can be any pretty or novelty fabric you want to frame so that it is a “medallion” quilt. Borders can be changed in size and number of them to make a quilt that fits your creativity and project.

Starting in the center, add the first border to the center block.  I started by adding the side borders to the center block, ironing, and then adding the top and bottom borders for center block.  I used this same method for all the borders.

Please note that the supply list is finished size once sewn.

Fabric supplies for quilt top:

  • Center block 12.5 ” x 13.5″
  • First border (on above the red and brown stripe) 1.5″
  • Second border 2.25″
  • Third border 3.25″
  • Fourth border 5.25″
  • Fifth border 5.25″
  • Sixth border 1.0″
  • Seventh border 5.5″

Since it was going to be machine quilted, I used a good quality polyester batting.  It was quilted by RLM in a medium size stipple design.

The backing is 2 different toile fabrics I had on hand and a dark red/cream floral print that was aptly named “Martha Washington”.  I pieced them together to make a big enough back.  In this photo the hanging sleeve is still not sewn on.

Back of Prayerful Leader quilt - three different toile fabrics.

The binding is the “Martha Washington” print.  I cut several 2.5″strips, sewed them together into one long strip.  I ironed this strip in half (so 1.25″) and machine stitched  the raw edge a quarter inch along the front of the quilt.  The mitered corners are quite do-able with practice and a straight pin to hold the pleat where it needs to be.  The binding is finished by pulling the binding over the back and whip stitching down. 

Finished size is 60″ x 63″.

This quilt was pieced, machine quilted, and bound in June 2019. Currently, the tag (story of the quilt) for the back is done, but not sewn on.

Two other medallion style quilts featuring George Washington:

Medallion wall hanging of George Washington.
Source: Humble Quilts

Another medallion quilt of George Washington.
Source: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA