My Blueberry Days quilt photographed at Colonial Pemaquid, Maine

In August 2020 I gathered together all kinds of blue and white scraps. I wanted to make a blue and white “snowball” quilt. I just put the last stitch into the binding. My blueberry days quilt is complete!

Prepping The pieces

I used this pattern for size and cutting instructions. I put my top together in rows instead of blocks of four snowballs.

According to my notes, I cut 224 (6.5″) blue blocks, and 896 (2.5″) white squares for a total of 224 snowballs.

I sorted and cut all the needed supplies here in Aug. and early Sept. of 2020 to take to Maine with me. All the fabric was scraps from my overflowing scrap bins.

Blue and white fabrics from the scrap bin
Blue and white fabrics from the scrap bin

Marking the diagonal line on the white squares was easy. Use a sharp pencil and small ruler. For the ruler I used a 4″ square for rotary cutting. I marked these while watching old movies over several evenings.

Sewing in Maine

We set up sewing at CL’s house in 2020. My first project was to sew the corners on all the 224 blue squares. After that, I trimmed the white portion and ironed the blocks. I love not dealing with the bias on triangles and have gone to using this method when possible.


Once the ironing was done, it was time to sew the snowballs together. There are 16 rows of 14 snowballs.

Top is complete except for outer border
Top is complete except for outer border

The white inner border was cut 2″ wide. The outer border was cut 6″ wide. The outer border is a blueberry fabric I purchased on a previous trip to Maine.

I had to add the outer border once back home in Indiana since I did not pack it for the trip.

My Blueberry Day quilt  with borders
My Blueberry Day quilt with borders

The finished size is: 94″ x 112″.

My Blueberry Days quilt was machine quilted in January 2021 by RLM. The design is stippling.

I finally finished the blue binding last week. It was not on the list you saw of projects I wanted to finish before the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt starts next month. However, I only had about three foot of it left to hand sew down. And it was on the top of the UFO pile.

Another project done!


My Thoughts:

Find a UFO and complete it. For an uplifting feeling of “yippee”, pick something that is almost complete and finish it. We all need the good feeling that comes from a completed job well done.

If you are looking for an easy project that could be made into a table runner, or any size quilt then this is the pattern for you. It looks great planned or scrap.

Wishing my readers a great week.

Happy quilting.

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My last post was about the quilting projects I worked on during vacation in Maine. However, I also visited several used books stores. I found some wonderful used quilting books. In my mind, Maine & used quilting books go together.

Maybe because of the long snowy winters in Maine, there are many wonderful used books stores to visit. This year I concentrated on finding some used books on quilting.

My personal favorites are: Stone Soup Books in Camden, Rockland Library Book Stop, and Two Brothers Books in Freeport. There are many more in the area and you would probably find others that you like.

Two Brothers Books
Right side of photo is all the “crafty” books at Two Brothers Books
Two Brothers Book Store – children books on the left side

Quilting Book Treasures I Found:

Seven books cost me $30. An exciting treasure trove that will be enjoyed again and again.

"Classic Quilt Blocks"
"Big Book of Quilt Blocks"
Interesting articles about quilts and quilting in British Isles
"New England Quilt Museum Quilts"
"Quilting" by Dorothy Osler

I encourage you:

New books are expensive. I like books, and read many genres. A personal library is fun. If you are wanting to expand your quilting library then check out the used book stores in your area.

If you are headed to or live in Maine, check out the stores I listed above. Who knows what treasures you will find. Most of all, enjoy the search.

Make today amazing.
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Quilting, Relaxation, and Used Books

09/2021 Perkins Cove, ME - Quilting, Relaxation, and Used Books
09/2021 Perkins Cove, ME

People ask me what I do while in Maine each year on vacation. Well truthfully – not a lot. When the kids were home, vacations involved activities and places the kids would enjoy. However, now that vacation is solo, my vacation is about quilting, relaxation, and used books.

Before the question comes up “why do you vacation solo?”, let me answer it. Hubby does not like to travel anymore, and I still do. So he enjoys the quiet time at home to work on his own projects while I go on vacation. It works well for both of us, and gives us both much needed quiet time.

Quilting Projects during vacation:

This year has been a bust when it comes to quilting projects. The first six months were spent recouping from a shoulder injury. Then in July I injured my wrist and was in a brace for several weeks. Injuries like this seriously interfere with anything quilting, especially when it is the dominate arm.

So this vacation I packed fabrics for a few simple wall hangings, and already cut pieces to work on components of other quilts. Actually, I feel like the time was well spent.

Four Freedoms by Norman Rockwell
9/2021 – The size now is 29.5″. The four center blocks is a panel of painting by Norman Rockwell named “Four Freedoms”
Quilting, Relaxation, and Used Books
9/2021 – Another fabric panel with borders I added. Size: 31″ x 50″.
This fun spool fabric looks a lot like my spool drawer at home.
9/2021 – This fun spool fabric looks a lot like my spool drawer at home. Size: 41.5″ square.

Component parts for other quilts:

This bag of several hundred 3″ squares turned into a pile of 100 nine patch blocks.

Quilting, Relaxation, and Used Books
9/2021: 3″ squares from scraps
100 nine patch blocks
100 nine patch blocks

An uncounted pile of “fallish” looking HST turned into many Flying Geese.

Completed Flying Geese
Completed Flying Geese
Finished size: 4.5" x 8.5"
Finished size: 4.5″ x 8.5″

These red, white, and blue HST and squares will eventually become small Friendship Stars.

Red and white HST
Red and white HST
Blue and white HST and squares
Blue and white HST and squares
Quilting, Relaxation, and Used Books
More parts for Friendships Stars

And 2 other projects:

Pumpkin Spice has been in the works for several years. It has become one of my more ignored projects. I like to applique, but it is time consuming to prep for. However, I got three plus part of another pumpkin hand appliqued over vacation. I may or may not decide to add some leaves.

Pumpkin Spice wall hanging
Pumpkin Spice wall hanging

I love to do counted cross stitch, but it is time consuming which hinders me from doing much of it. Plus I have to work totally uninterrupted so I don’t loose count. But my evenings in the hotel on the coast were perfect for this.

Quilting, Relaxation, and Used Books
Maine sampler

Quilting, Relaxation, and Used Books

My vacations would not be complete without spending time (and $$) getting used books. Or reading and enjoying time by the ocean and lighthouses. After all, my vacation is all about quilting, relaxation, and used books.

Quilting, Relaxation, and Used Books
9/2021 – Riding the ferry away from Isleboro
Quilting, Relaxation, and Used Books
9/2021 – One small area of Two Brothers Books, Freeport, ME

I work hard for 50 weeks a year to have two weeks to relax, and just enjoy a slower and no stress time. Maybe my vacation does not appeal to many others, that is ok. But I really do think some down time in our busy, stressful world is good for all of us.

And yes, I did hit several used books stores this year. I ended up mailing home two boxes of books. Mailing books is cheap, and why should I hassle around with the weight and space constraints? It is less stress to just send them.

Quilters, please take some time to just do quilting and relaxing. And if you happen to see me in a used book store, hopefully we will be finding some fun quilting (and other topic books) that appeal to us.

Quilting, Relaxation, and Used Books
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Source: Bing clipart

I have always been ready to travel when the opportunity arises. Quilting and travel seem to fit together fine. So I am a quilter on the road again.

The hubby and I took a few days off to escape north to see my sister, her family, and any other family who showed up in MN. The plan was to make the drive each way a two day trip with overnights in the Wisconsin Dells.

Peaceful, quiet time…

The other part of the plan was simply to relax on the lake, enjoy no schedule, and have a great visit. The trip was great and the plans worked out fine.

The cabin deep in the north woods of MN.
The cabin deep in the north woods of MN
View of the lake from the cabin.
View of the lake from the cabin.
Time on the lake
Peaceful view
Peaceful view

Quilting by the lake

I am still dealing with a problem shoulder so chose a small project that is very mobile. It is also great to just pick up, work on, and put down. No stress.

All the fabric pieces in the small project bag was cut out prior to the trip. The bag also had needles, thread, and small scissors. This makes for keeping everything together, and does not take up much room in the suitcase.

Quilting project on this trip.
20 completed flower blocks
20 completed flower blocks
Muslin backing and paper removed from flower block
Muslin backing and paper removed from flower block

Fabric shopping to complete the trip

On the return trip, we made a stop in Hutchinson, MN. Hubby headed for the DQ down the block while I did a quick shopping spree at the wonderful store “Quilt Haven on Main”. If you are up that way, make time to stop at this fun fabric store.

Ok, I really don’t need any fabric, but I picked up a few pieces anyway.

Old timey prints
Old timey prints
Just fun prints.


Travel, peace and quiet, and quilting can go hand in hand. If you have a chance to do so please take the time away from your regular life and just enjoy. Pick a project that travels easy and work on it while relaxing.

Happy quilting.

Happy quilting. Make today amazing.
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Christmas in Paris 1985

We lived in Germany for five years during the 1980’s. The short version of this story is that I lost the coin flip and we spent Christmas in Paris 1985 (instead of Rome).

It was certainly exciting to be in Paris, and we saw all the tourist places during those five days (Arc de Triomphe, Norte Dame, the Louvre Museum, Versailles, Eiffel Tower, etc.).

Not to mention walking around downtown and getting lost. Or that my husband got food poisoning. It was a memorable once-in-a-lifetime experience (he is rolling his eyes right now).

Never did I think of making a quilt as a keepsake for the trip – I had lots and lots of photos that are still fun to look at.

However, I was in a fabric store recently, the Rockin Bobbin and found some really pretty Paris themed fabrics.

Clip art of Eiffel Tower

The light bulb went off – a quilt to commemorate the Christmas in Paris 1985 trip would be fun so I picked up several different pieces of the Paris fabric.

After washing and ironing the fabric, I cut it up without thinking to take photos before cutting. However, here a close up of a piece that is used as an alternate block for the quilt.

Close up of black and white Paris themed fabric

Making the wall hanging:

I went through my Christmas prints and chose some that were glittery (like Paris, right). The goal was a simple wall hanging so I cut 8″ squares of the Paris fabric, and a few glittery Christmas fabrics for a total of 20 squares. I sewed these squares together 4 squares x 5 rows.

A gray stone looking fabric was chosen for between the blocks and the glittery music outer border.

Christmas in Paris 1985 pieced together.
The completed top – Christmas in Paris 1985

The top was easily pieced in a day and is ready to go for machine quilting. The finished size is 41″ x 48″.

The backing is a Paris toile and I will hand cross stitch a pretty tag to put on the back once it is quilted.

I am normally the person taking photos because I am not fond of having my own picture taken. However, here are two photos of a much younger me in Paris during December 20 – 25, 1985.

Photo of Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.
Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France

Life’s events can certainly be commemorated with a quilt, either simple or complex. What life event would you like to commemorate with a quilt?

Christmas in Paris clip art




This is about the time JG and I go to the national quilt show in Paducah, KY. Much to our frustration, it was canceled for the second year thanks to a certain virus. We decided to do a quilt related event of our own. Yesterday we drove part of the the Barn Quilt Trail of Gibson County, IN.

Photos in no order – Enjoy the Barn Quilts:

Barn quilt in garden
In the garden at Lyles Station Consolidated School Museum

We started at her home in Princeton, IN and just loosely followed state roads 64 and 65. Some of the barn quilts we really had to look for, and some were very obvious. They were located on barns, businesses, a covered bridge, houses, and gardens.

It was a beautiful day. All kinds of flowers blooming, farmers working in fields, and the perfect temperature of this kind of excursion. Great way to spend the day.

Sullivan's Grocery & Deli
Sullivan’s Grocery & Deli in Union, IN – great place to have lunch. I had chicken strips and they were great.
Watermelon barn quilt
Corn & beans block
Corn & Beans block on a seed company
Kolb Homestead Farm
Kolb Homestead Farm
Wedding ring block
Flag quilt block
Hands All Around block
Cross block
Nautical block
Wheeling Covered Bridge
Wheeling Covered Bridge
Barn quilt on side of Wheeling Covered Bridge
Barn quilt on side of Wheeling Covered Bridge

I am glad to see these wonderful pieces of art turning up in so many places. They are fun to look for as I drive around my own area. And to have so many in one area like this county is super fun as a quilter. Can I identify the block? Is the block a favorite of the structure owner or something that was easy to paint?

JG and I did not see anywhere close to all of them as we only drove one area of the Barn Quilt Trail of Gibson County. We thought we would try another area sometime in the future.

Fabric shopping

And no quilt related trip would be complete without fabric, right? On Saturday it was pouring down rain so we went to Daviess County, IN to visit two quilt shops we were familiar with: The Stitching Post and Wagler’s Quilts.

We found fabric “we just had to have” and spent more than we should have. However, if we had been shopping at the vendors at the quilt show in Paducah we would have spent far more. A good use of a rainy day since we could not do the Barn Quilt Trail of Gibson County, Indiana.



Quilt Show - Paducah, KY
This beautiful quilt was done by the tent makers of Egypt.

QUILT SHOW – PADUCAH, KY 2013: For quilters, going to the quilt show in Paducah, Kentucky is a special dream come true. I am lucky enough to live a few hours away so I use a few vacation days and just go.

Four quilts hanging.
Hexagon quilt.
A detailed Santa quilt.

Please enjoy this small taste of the wonderful quilts that were on display at the Quilt Show-Paducah, KY 2013.

Purple and green quilt.
Applique flower quilt.
Two quilts on display

I attend the national quilt show in Paducah, KY because it is fun and inspiring . There are so many quilts on display (both the show and the vendors booths).

Quilt Show - Paducah, KY 2013
Star quilt in bright colors.

In 2013 there were two male tent makers from Egypt demonstrating how they do the applique for tents – fascinating.

Two quilts made by Egyptian quilt makers.
These quilts were done by the tent makers of Egypt.
More quilts by the Egyptian tent makers.
More quilts by the tent makers of Egypt.
Quilt Show - Paducah, KY 2013
The tent makers from Egypt made these too.
Another quilt by the tent makers of Egypt.
Another quilt by the tent makers.
Applique of birds
Applique of birds by the tent makers.

Inspiration and new ideas:

Paducah is a great place to be recharged with ideas for the next quilt. I thought that others would enjoy the photos I took at the show. The quilts, though, are so much better in person. There is no rhyme or reason for the quilts I took photos of except that these quilts caught my eye.

Blue and Yellow quilt.
Quilt of various blocks.
Quilt Show - Paducah, KY 2013

This does not seem to be a show for hand quilted quilts though. The show to all appearances is for machine quilted and/or art quilts. There are so many quilts to see it can be overwhelming. I come away from the show with so many ideas for quilts to make.

Lady with letter quilt.
Quilt Show - Paducah, KY 2013
Medallion quilt that has tiny flying geese and applique.

During quilt week, Paducah has shows within shows. The main show in at the convention center, but there is also a show at the Rotary Club. Plus quilts of all sorts are displayed in shops and around the downtown area of town. Paducah dresses up in quilts for this show. Just walk around downtown and be amazed. Each year is a new and different show.

Brown quilt with applique motifs.
Flag quilt
Appliqued peacock.

There are also vendors from around the country with every possible fabric, quilt gadget, and quilting book possible. It is wondrous to behold.

Quilt Show - Paducah, KY 2013
Carousel horse quilt.
Peter Rabbit quilt.

If you can get to Paducah during quilt week please do so. It is well worth the trip. Quilt shows are fun to attend and shop at, but Paducah is amazing.

Quilt Show - Paducah, KY 2013
Musical notes and harp quilt
Poodle quilt


None of the photographed quilts at in this post are mine, but I did take all of these photos.

Panda quilt
Quilt Show - Paducah, KY 2013

For more info on the Paducah quilt show:


PERSONAL QUILT SHOW & ROAD TRIP – The corona virus is getting to all of us it seems. I love being home and able to do things here. But after a week of “quarantine” even I needed a change of scenery this past Tuesday.

My husband had the day off and so we decided to do a road trip to see if we could see any barn quilts. I also thought it would be nice to take along some quilts and stop at a state park to photograph them.

Most of our trip was in Vigo County, IN. The first thing of interest was a round barn.

Round barn on road trip

We also found two barn quilts. They actually seem to be getting more common and I watch for barn quilts now when I am driving around.

Barn quilt on brick wall

Our road trip goal was Fowler Park, which has several things to do normally. We walked around the Pioneer Village and used it as a backdrop for taking photos of the quilts. The day was cloudy but warm and dry. The park had only a few other people walking around, so we could safely do the current status of “social distancing” while enjoying the outside.

Christmas Scraps

The first quilt to be shown off for my personal quilt show was Christmas Scraps. See more info:

Another photo of Christmas Scraps
Toile backing of quilt
Toile backing

Autumn Color

I love autumn, in fact it is my favorite season. This quilt was super easy to make. It makes me happy every time I look at it. For more info see:

Autumn Color quilt

Queen Anne’s Star Whole Cloth Quilt

I love to hand quilt. It is so very relaxing. The beauty of the stitching and the quilting texture is very visible in a whole cloth quilt. I have shown this one off before on this blog so will simply refer you back to that post:


Simply Squares

I saw a similar quilt on Pintrest and thought this would be a fun and easy way to use up some more scraps. The quilt top is done now except for the border. For more info:

Simply Squares quilt top

Scrap Bonanza #1

This quilt started out as a Birds in the Air quilt, but I was not happy with how the blocks looked laid out that way. So after moving blocks around and combining them with more of the same blocks, I came up with this design.

Once the center was done, it needed a border and nothing solid really grabbed me, so I used more scraps by making a “piano key” border. See:

Scrap Bonanza #1 quilt top

Homespun One Patch

This was a fun and easy quilt to make of 8″ squares. Made during 2010-11. Here is more about it:

Homespun One Patch quilt


This quilt was really fun to do. All the teapots are different. The tea cups around the border just give it a nice “finished” look. It was hand quilted. After looking at it again, I am thinking about making another one. For more info:

It looks so nice hanging on the village church.
Teapot quilt

Irish Chain

This quilt is hand quilted. The fabric choice was unusual because the red is linen. The blues are cotton scraps. Look here for more info:

Close up of the hand quilting
Backing of Irish Chain

Maine Ocean Waves

The colors in this quilt remind me of the ocean on the Maine coast – purples, blues, greens, and grays. Scrap quilt. In the photo, it is hanging at the front of the village mill. Here’s more info:

Maine Ocean Wave quilt

And so I come to the end of my PERSONAL QUILT SHOW & ROAD TRIP for this time. It was a nice way to spend a few hours outside and exploring an old pioneer village.

My Challenge to You

I know that right now we all need to be careful to stay healthy and avoid situations that may spread corona virus. However, part of staying healthy is exercise and sunshine.

Quilts look different outside in natural light. Usually the colors are brighter and the quilting design is more visible. Even if you don’t want to take a road trip, try taking a quilt (or quilts) outside and getting some photos of it (or them). Wash lines, tree branches, fences, and porches are also great places to display quilts outside.

Sometimes a change of scenery can be inspiring and encouraging. A new perspective can lead to new ideas.

Have fun and stay well.

Clip art - girl with quilt and sewing machine.

Please note that all the quilts in this post are mine. I also took all the photos. You are welcome to use the photos, but please give proper credit. Thank you.


Last week I had a chance to combine work and a road trip for fabric !!! I was in Washington, IN for the day. Instead of eating lunch I made a fast trip into the Stitching Post for some fabric I had already perused on the website for a planned project. See here:

Road Trip for Fabric - The Stitching Post

I haven’t been anywhere close to this store in a year or two. It has been here many years and always has an outstanding amount and variety of quilting fabric. If you are in the area, it is a great place to shop for fabric.

I like the wooden quilt squares on the outside too.

Wooden quilt square on outside of building.
Another wooden quilt square
Wooden quilt square

But you ask, “why were you there? You have made 2020 a year to work in scraps.”

Why? I saw some photos of several quilts I did 10-15 years ago that were super simple but had a definite theme. And thought it would be fun to make something to do with sewing /quilting in that pattern. The stash did not have enough of any themed fabric to do a planned quilt. Oh the distress…….

By looking at the website ahead of time, I knew the store had fabric that would work perfectly for what I had in mind. Even better the fabric I wanted had been moved to the sale room.

Road Trip for Fabric - the final purchases.

I purchased two yards of the burgundy fabric with the sewing supplies, and one yard each of the other three in the photo. I have plenty of solid black, solid burgundy, and a small print grey in my stash that will be worked into the design.

Road trips and buying fabric – quilters they go together so well.

Happy stitching today.

Other road trip ideas:


Quilt Show in Powell, WY 1994

Quilt shows come in all themes, sizes and locations. I had the opportunity of enter quilts in the Quilt Show of Powell, Wyoming in 1994. While many people would not consider this a big quilt show, it was fun and easy to enter. A nice thing about my own (or your own) quilts hanging in a show is that they are seen from a totally different perspective than on the bed or wall of home.

2 quilts hanging in Powell show
The Christmas Sampler was made from blocks exchanged at the local quilt guild. This one has since been given away as gift.

Before moving to central Indiana in 1996, we returned to the area of Montana both my husband and I grew up in after several years in the military. Distance out there can make travel a challenge, especially in winter months. But road trips for quilting and scenery change are usually a learning experience on some level.

Small quilts at Powell, WY

This quilt show in Powell, Wyoming in 1994 would be considered small by many people. The variety of quilt patterns and themes was amazing. Quilts that were western themed, but also traditional scraps quilts too.

Give any quilter some thread, fabric, batting, and an idea and they will create beauty.

Large bed quilts at show
I made the Ocean Wave quilt from blue, purple, green, and gray scraps to represent the colors of the ocean in Maine.

Why go to a quilt show?

Attending quilt shows gives all quilters a chance to network with other quilters. Plus being surrounded by new color combinations, new techniques, and new patterns is like being in quilt heaven. It never ceases to amaze me how someone can take fabric, thread, and a pattern or idea and make it into a completely personal creation.

Colorful quilts hanging up for viewing.

I encourage quilters to enter quilt shows. If you’re a new quilter then a small local show is a great way to start. For the more experienced quilters bigger or more distant shows give you a chance to compare your skill sets to others.


I look at these pictures and am happy for taking time out of my busy schedule to travel the distance to go to this show. So many ideas and inspiration to keep quilting. My life was chaos working full time and having two children not yet in their teens at home.


Links to other quilts shows:

Note: I took the photos of the Quilt Show – Powell, WY 1994 but am not claiming any of the quilts as mine except the ones marked as such.